_MG_6808A Night of ‘Firsts’ for GCIFTVN

Ben Boultbee’s short film Thief was the highlight of the May Gold Coast Independent Film and Television Night May 29th which was hosted by founder Caroline Russo.

Thief was shown to a packed house at The Basement at Arts Centre Gold Coast, which proved once again to be a night of extraordinary entertainment and successful networking for the Indy film crowd.

Showcasing Ben’s talents as writer producer and director, his much anticipated 15-minute short film was a huge success with the audience.

Thief is based on dirty cop – Detective Maro Rossi (Mirko Grillni)pinning a double murder on an unsuspecting kleptomaniac. All is going to plan until the detective realizes that this guy might be a little more complex than he expected.

Ben’s gift for storytelling is outstanding, which is very much a part of Thief’s appeal.

Recognised by his peers on the night, Ben received much praise for his ability to work hands on and for taking the time to listen to the people working with him. On stage with Ben after the film screening actors Luke Townson, and Jock McWillam did the Q&A.

The night known for bringing ‘first’s’ to the fore in terms of the many and varied film projects being made in Southeast Queensland, the GCIFTVN also provided the opportunity for 16-year-old Timothy Carr to present his three-minute film The Cleaner, as well as the compelling eight-minute  Martial Arts drama Grab directed by Graham Harty that had one of the main actors who after performed a very unique demonstration  that he has perfected for up to 15 years called Goju –Ryu Opera Call. Very powerful act that did grab everyone attention.IMG_8208

_MG_69451IMG_8148 It was then followed up by a bit of Comedy in the form of a send up of local Council inspectors on the job by The Pranksters had the audience in stitches as The Pranksters team roamed Gold Coast parks to ensure dog-owners complied with leash length regulations. The Prankster’s project screened was one of six Chaser-esque segments being developed as a series for the small screen.  Angelo Montano who heads and come up with the ideal will be back next Indie night in July to show us a bit more and maybe have some updated news on the series.

IMG_8278The big news of the night was Simon Treselyan’s pitch for his feature film project Order of the Nephilim. Simon wrote the book of the same name and is now heading to Hollywood to develop the screenplay. Described by Simon as the ‘Divinci Code’ on steroids, he said he was confident the conspiracy theory theme of the project had Hollywood Blockbuster potential. The GCIFTN is very much behind this and hopes to bring a trailer soon of the project.

IMG_8202Also making an appearance at the May GCIFTVN was Rock duo Steel Strings and Honey, who set the scene for an exciting night of home-grown talent with an opening number by INXS and Christie Hines both passed on legends who did a great opening.

Plans are already underway for the June GCIFTVN which will be a film screening of Bad Karma that is a local Limelight production company,  and will have a Q&A with the GC  camera man Nino Martinetti who will do a Q&A on the film afterwards. Also July 17th  one of the next guests is Qld Media
Identity…Damien Anthony Rossi’  The
Sunday Mail socials writer, TV Presenter, who headed Rossi Casting agency for years plus more to announce  which promises to be even more entertaining and informative. Watch for postings on the Group page of GCIFTN,  Hush Hush Biz Face Book and don’t forget to go like the page to keep up to date on all news https://www.facebook.com/hushhushbiz?fref=ts

GCIFTN would like  to thank all sponsors who have been part of the network growth and Gold Coast City Council who head the filming incentives have been a great support for the last 2 years as Di Bortoli Wines, mygc.com, 31 digital, RSF Studios.

That a Cut as they say in showbiz.


Words by  Hush Hush Biz  reporter Melissa Szalai

Credit to hush hush biz photography  Jess Person and Visionmedia for photos.

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