A sweeping tribute to sting and songs of the sea at QPAC

Beloved Brisbane band The Boxties will make its triumphant return to the newly refurbished Cremorne Theatre at Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) from 7 to 9 December with a genre-busting evening conjuring tales of the sea through one of the world’s best-selling artists, Sting.

In The Boxties: Bound Away to Leave You, the dynamic ensemble showcases breathtaking music from Sting’s eleventh studio album The Last Ship, alongside haunting folk favourites that speak of boundless oceans and distant longings.

The Last Ship portrays life in a shipyard town, and is a tribute to Wallsend in England’s industrial northeast where Sting grew up. His songs are tuneful and energetic, thoughtful, intimate and at times mystical as he tells of a way of life inexorably vanishing in the face of the 21st Century.

Bound Away to Leave You brings together Sting’s soulfulness – and sense of humour – with traditional tales of the sea. The evening will elevate The Last Ship’s spirit through folk music that treads the album’s broader themes of community, love in difficult circumstances, dreams and the sea.

The Boxties is a group of singers and instrumentalists from Brisbane whose repertoire draws on deep roots and songs of love and loss, intertwined with the exuberance and rambunctiousness of folk traditions of the British Isles, with the occasional detour into the world of cabaret and musical theatre.

The Boxties are Ben Burrows, Deanna Connelly, Ebony Cundy-Profke, Lochlin Dormer, Mitchell Dormer, Rachel Kelly, Bridget Matthews, Annie Silva and Ashreya Ward. Steph McCaw is The Boxties’ Artistic Director.

By turns boisterous and haunting, humorous and sad, join The Boxties for an evening full of tunes that will linger.

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