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Sunday 11 August to Saturday 17 August

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Les Norton – After a bomb is discovered under the bonnet of Price’s prized Rolls Royce, the Kelly Club crew are on high alert and Les goes from doorman to muscle for Sydney’s Mr Big…and he’s not happy about it.
Climate Change: The Facts – Presented by Sir David Attenborough. We’re just two degrees from a climate catastrophe. If the rate of global warming continues, we’ll reach permanent environmental damage within 40 years. It’s the greatest challenge we’ve faced.

Diary of an Uber Driver – Against the ticking clock of impending fatherhood, Ben must figure out what he should be doing while helping others get where they’re going. Luckily, he has a revolving car door of human behaviour to trawl through for clues.

Catalyst – The Secrets of Healthy Living – Ex-ABC journalist Ian Henderson delivers the extraordinary new research that promises to keep us all younger for longer. From diet to exercise, he uncovers the simple tips that could add years of healthy living.

Two parts.
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