ALEXANDRIA ALTMAN joins Worst Shark Attack Ever as Associate Producer

Multihyphenate Alexandra Altman has been tapped to associate produce the recently premiered environmental documentary Worst Shark Attack Ever which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Veronica Grey, The Cure, and MGMT. Special thanks to surf lord John John Florence is also included in the credits.

Worst Shark Attack Ever is a brand new short (21 minute) environmental documentary with an introduction by Leonardo DiCaprio and cameos by The Cure and MGMT which explores the horrific carnage humans inflict upon sharks. We cruelly slaughter 100,000,000 sharks a year or 190 sharks a minute or 3 sharks every second. At this rate, sharks could go extinct within this coming decade, and this would set off an ecological chain of events from which humans might not survive. A planet without its ocean’s apex predator is doomed. What, if anything, can be done to detour from this cataclysmic trajectory?

Directed by the world’s foremost new media filmmaker, Veronica Grey, the film is edited ENTIRELY using ONLY an iPhone5s.

“New Media film making is just a fancy way to say cell phone movies,” explains Grey, “it was bound to happen, with 89,000 videos being watched on YouTube every minute.
Andy Warhol predicted that in the future everyone would be famous for 15 minutes – isn’t that funny that is the maximum length allowed by YouTube for most uploads? Anyway, please don’t expect a fancy polished finish like from a normal production with a budget,” Veronica apologizes, “this was purely a labor of love and desperate cry for help about the crippled state of our environment. It is about the message, not the medium. If I had to scamper around to raise a production budget to get this message out, my energies would be on funding, not activism. So the short 21 minute project is what it is for better or worse and I hope that names like Leonardo DiCaprio, The Cure, MGMT, and surf superstar John Florence attract people to see this most critical eco-doc. People don’t realize that we are spinning towards disaster within the coming decade – not some far off in the future date and it’s like when you see an accident on the highway – we must do something,” Veronica emphatically declares. As a professional surfer known as The Surf Lady who gets paid to surf on Hawaii 5-0, she spends 3 days a week on average in the ocean and has eyes on exactly how dire our situation is.

A director and actress herself, Ms. Alexandria Altman is a Hollywood heavyweight in her own right, often offered roles on television shows across every network that she has to pass up due to time constraints. She carefully chooses where to put her energy, such as in her own production, the forthcoming feature Snow Moon. Alexandria runs in the same circle as Leonardo DiCaprio so she is a most welcome addition to this undertaking as she states, “The urgent message here is not only for sharks, but for our survival. Shark safety equals human safety and that is an urgent message for our planet.” Ms. Altman vows, “as the associate producer I will bring this discovery to the world.”

Worst Shark Attack Ever world premiered its exclusive director’s cut on Halloween at the world’s only official surfer bar, Surfer, the Bar, in the Turtle Bay Resort of the fabled north shore of O’ahu, Hawaii. It was a fitting time and place for the “scary title.” The director’s cut will continue to screen at prestigious film festivals around the world for the next 13 – 21 months, but an online version is available FREE to the viewing public at

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