One of Australia’s most phenomenal voices, singer-songwriter and ARIA award winner Anthony Callea will be releasing his memoir BEHIND THE VOICE Dietro La Voce through Simon and Schuster Australia on Wednesday, April 5.
It’s a surprising and candid story of determination, humility and self-discovery.

In his amusing and emotional memoir, Anthony shares the joys and challenges of becoming celebrated for his voice, all while navigating the adversities and triumphs of life. It’s a story of a kid from the working-class western suburbs of Melbourne with a big dream and an even bigger voice, who had to finish growing up and find himself in the spotlight.

For the first time, Anthony unveils his intimate stories about the personal and professional highs and lows of his enviable career, giving readers a raw insight into almost two decades in the entertainment industry. His candid, courageous and often amusing anecdotes take readers beyond the slick facade to the hard work, blood, sweat and tears it takes to find success performing, touring, writing and producing music. It’s a must read for anyone interested in knowing what goes on behind the curtain in the Australian music industry.

‘I’m not going to lie, sharing my story like this is really confronting for me, and there have been times throughout the writing process where I have questioned myself,’ says Anthony. ‘Do I really want to release this book? I feel so vulnerable yet privileged at the same time. At times, unlocking the emotional vault from the past to write this memoir has been a painful process, but a necessary one. My truth and my words are usually expressed through music, a form of expression I am comfortable with, but now there’s no bells, whistles, lights and sparkly microphones to hide behind, that’s all been stripped away, this book is basically me naked on stage. I know, the visual, right? Eeewww!

‘This is my story, my words, my life. A life that I have been fortunate to live and even though at times it has been difficult and challenging to navigate, I would not change it for the world. Living is precious and as I’ve gotten older, I have realised that life is truly a gift and should be celebrated. Genuine connections with people and wanting to learn and evolve is really important, along with embracing the past and the truths that come with it.

‘Am I nervous about releasing this memoir? Absolutely I am, but I’m sure you will laugh with me, and probably at times, laugh at me, and will certainly ask “wtf did that really happen?”, so I’m confident whoever reads my story will get a greater insight into exactly who I am.’

After being crowned Australian Idol runner up in 2004, Anthony went on to become one of Australia’s most celebrated entertainers. Last year he celebrated his 40th birthday and released his 8th album called FORTY LOVE, which debuted at number five on the ARIA Charts. This year Anthony and his husband Tim Campbell will be touring together for the very first time! The uber talented duo will be bringing their ‘Up Close & Unpredictable’ live music experience to theatres around the country and with 80% of tickets sold already, they are clearly the hottest in town. Anthony and Tim’s twenty-four date tour starts in May: get your tickets here.

ARIA Award winner Anthony Callea is undoubtedly one of Australia’s finest entertainers, with a career now spanning 19 years, 8 albums, TV Concert Specials, countless concert tours, major event performances and TV show appearances. Anthony Callea has had three albums debut at number one on the ARIA album charts, joining a very exclusive club made up of Australian music royalty – John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Kylie Minogue, Keith Urban, The John Butler Trio and Guy Sebastian – who are the only Australian artists in history to have done so. He was hand-picked to perform for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as well as Pavarotti, toured with Celine Dion and Whitney Houston and his debut single ‘The Prayer’ remains the fastest selling single in Australian history.

The evolution of Anthony Callea continues to thrive with the release of his memoir and adds to what is becoming a dynamic new era for one of Australia’s beloved artists.

BEHIND THE VOICE Dietro La Voce is open for pre-orders now and available in paperback, eBook and eAudio formats through Simon and Schuster Australia. The book will publish on 5 April 2023

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