QA With Aquila Young  An Emerging Music Artist

Aquila Young QA Interview

Q: What was it like performing for Big Sound?

I’m not sure, I think I’ll have to gather my thoughts soon. It went quickly and it was very hot up there.

Q: What ignited your passion for music? Is your family musical or was it a specific band or song?

My family doesn’t really dabble in music instruments, but I think the pursuit of expressing a personal sentiment has always been the driving force for something, whether it be musical or visual. And I kind of just fell into it, I started playing in bands and was really drawn to the idea of creating that live expression.
Q: You’re a talented multi-instrumentalist who can play the Korg, guitar, drums and has an amazing singing voice to top it off. What was your first instrument?

Maybe the recorder in primary school and we played… I can’t remember what song we played, it would have been some Three Blind Mice tune.

Q: You use a lot of pedals in your performances, do you find a sound you really like and work around that or do you search for a specific sound?

I look for a specific sound.

Q: Has music always come naturally to you or would you say it has been a labour of love?

Perhaps a bit of both, I think there are certainly some things that felt natural, just to come up with a melody or a rhythm and merge some ideas. And then there are other things that have required me to make sure I can apply a technical aspect in order to make that or do that properly.

Q: Are there any events, people or issues that currently influence you?

Yeah, I feel like that is a very broad question, I think every day there might be a person or a place that can evoke thoughts or feelings. And just walking through that on a daily basis is a continual source of inspiration.

Q: Your music is very raw and honest, is that a reflection of your journey or experiences?

Yeah absolutely, 100%. I believe that music should reflect something real and that’s what makes it tangible and that’s what makes it connect with the audience and connect with the people.

Q: It’s been a very busy year for you, performing at the Bleach and Glow Festivals, and sharing stages with local legends like TSUN and Bob Evens. What was that like?

It’s been great, even sharing stages with bands that are not as well-known is just as noble and inspiring. To be surrounded by so many different styles and people, it’s like a melting pot and I love being around it.

Q: You were reviewed by Dom Alessio, a host on Triple J, and he said Vagabond could easily sound track a Wild West movie. How’d that make you feel?

Great! I guess it’s always super interesting to to hear what other people are hearing when they’re listening to your experience and how it connects to them.

Q: On your Unearthed bio it talks about how ‘by simply observing the world around you, you instinctively translate the tangible and intangible into sound’. What do you mean by this?

It’s like the tangible elements, in particular a striking musical instrument: a cord or a rhythm, that’s the tangible. And the intangible is like the emotion and the feeling, and drawing that in through the tangible to ignite something.
Q: Outside of music what else contributes to your creative process?

Certainly the visual stuff, I find that both the visual and the audio is a very connected thing when performing and in order to write music there has to be a strong, almost imagined, element of that for the music to be birthed and to come alive.

Q: What’s next? Any big dates we should look out for?

I’m recording and the moment and I’ll be releasing some music as soon as that’s done. I don’t really know how long it’ll take but hopefully soon.

Interview by Grace Rooks Hush Hush Biz

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