Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on July 31st opens the door for August…a ‘once in a blue moon’ moment in time.
What new idea or feature do you need to bring into play?

Managing our energy is the key to managing August! As much as I love the creative mojo of Leo planets I’m also totally aware that it’s very easy to burn out…yes?
So find your balance between creative innovation & staying grounded so you can hold the tension between the need for patience & the urge to fly!!

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There’s so much exciting new energy on offer right now for us to engage with our creativity and really give ourselves permission to be a true individual. It takes courage to do this as our current system is geared for conformity & enjoys suppressing individual expression. So as Mars now comes calling to Leo for his once in 2 year visit he’s saying ‘OK you’ve had lots of signals over the last year that it’s time to live in your truth and now it’s time to have the guts to take action and get on with it!’

Mars enters Leo on August 9th until late September so he’s all set to stir up action for better or worse on the personal and global stage. Your mantra on this one is “It’s safe for me to be brave and dare to be me”. We’ve just done 2 months of Mars in Cancer keeping us close to home fires and cleaning up & clearing out our physical home & limiting old emotional stuff, so now we are operating from “I am safe to grow and expand”, Mars in Leo offers us the chance to do this…wonderful! Mars in Leo is fun & exuberant and loves to party & enjoy life so obviously this is not to be missed, but as ever the caution with Mars is to avoid OTT energy or conflict moments & getting caught up in your own or other people’s drama! Yes it’s drama king/queen territory with egos flying all over the place…lol.

OK another wondrous cycle in play during August involves beautiful Venus.
Venus turned retrograde on July 25th for 40 days…a powerful period as she is ‘Innana the evening star’ for the first 20 days as she goes into the ‘dark’ & we no longer see her in the evening sky. As she is all about our relationships and self worth, use this period until mid August to release old toxic relating patterns where you are not being valued…yay! Traditionally this is not a great time to start a love affair or buy luxury items or you may have to take them back! Don’t waste time & energy on any non-productive situations, as you also keep working to grow your creative projects (yes she is also in Leo) & stay inspired knowing things will move forward & you’ll start reaping goodies after mid September & into October. This may be tricky as Mars in Leo is impatient to move forward and Venus is saying “ok dude but we still need some time to get the balls lined up properly”.

After Aug 22nd she joins the Sun and becomes ‘Ishtar the Morning Star’ and we’ll see her gradually become visible as she comes out of the ‘underworld’ before sunrise into late August & September. She then sheds her beautiful bountiful light for a positive prosperous new period, as we attract conscious supportive people to help us grow our lives. She spends the rest of September having a party in Leo!!

Early August also brings us Jupiter in the last degrees of Leo forming a challenging aspect with Saturn in Scorpio…so what does this mean?
This is generally a ‘re-structuring period’ in our lives with accompanying tension between the urge to move forward and the need to release any fears of doing this! Again the counsel here is patience and managing any restlessness & uncertainty, and no knee jerk decisions or reactions as things will become clearer soon.

These 2 dudes have the 12 & 28 year cycles respectively. Their cycle together is 20 years and underpins the structures of global social conditions. They meet in the even number decades every 20 years – so 1900,20,40,60,80 2000,10,20 and so on…a fascinating cycle indeed when you take a moment to notice the history! This current cycle began in 2000 in the sign of Taurus (which rules money & resources), they opposed each other in 2010 and now form the final 90 degree square aspect before they start a new cycle in 2020 in Aquarius. OK don’t lose the plot here…cycles are actually really easy to understand as they begin, develop, fulfill themselves and then die back in preparation for a new cycle!

This is one of the ‘business cycles’ so as they form their square in August (and again in March 2016) be aware that the unregulated highs of the past years may indeed be set for some retracement action. As ever I’m not being alarmist here just objective…which after all is the purpose of this divine art/science known as Astrology! We have ample evidence that the highs of stock markets are totally nuts…always the signal that bubbles are set to burst. In July we saw the Chinese stock market take a major tumble & the Greek debt crisis play out the reality that the Euro system is a mess. Here’s a few links from reputable financial reporters in case you are interested …which you need to be! Please don’t jump on the current bubble wagon and become a sucker in the game! Mind you a great time to buy Gold & Silver bullion as these markets are still being heavily manipulated to keep the price down so lots of big players can buy while the price is low…and make big $ holding short futures positions! Ah It is such a horrible game they have created where the winners are the insiders.
Ten Warning Signs of a Market Crash in 2015
These 23 Charts Prove Market is Heading for a Crash The chart I love on this one is the ‘Fear & Greed Index” on Page 3…what an indictment of our current western mindset!!!

The other cycle that has captured my attention of late is a 7 year cycle known as ‘The Shemitah Calendar’. It works on a larger cycle of 7×7 =49 years and it perfects in the completion of a 49 year cycle on September 13th 2015. Previous dates are: Sept 2008, Sept 2001, 1994, 1987, 1980, 1973, 1966 when this current cycle began. Yes these dates have all brought us major financial & political crises & shifts. The dates of the previous 49 year cycle are also amazing starting in Sept 1917 with the Communist revolution in Russia then Sept 1924,31,38,45,52 & 59… pivotal points in global history. Anyway when we add this info to the other signals and cycles it will be very interesting to see what this September has in store.

Now let’s add Jupiter moving into Virgo to the equation!
Jupiter in Virgo – August 11th 2015 to September 9th 2016

Once a year the ‘King of the Gods’ Jupiter moves forward into the next sign of the Zodiac in his 12 year cycle around our Sun. His energy frequency opens new territory both physically and psychologically as he urges us to grow and expand our lives. He offers us the classic image of the hero who happily takes on fresh quests in his ceaseless search for purpose and progress in our lives. As the largest planet in our solar system his bold dimensions also ‘enlarge’ the affairs of the sign he activates for 13 months. So how will this exciting character do his thing in the gentle practical earthy sign of Virgo?

Virgo is the sign of health and hygiene, of organization and systems, and all things practical and useful. So after developing our passionate creative ego and stepping into our true individual nature over the past year while he has been in Leo, it’s time to get on with the practical details for plans and systems to take our creative projects and lives forward from here. Virgo’s highest virtue is service, which is why Virgo folks make such great organizers and systems people, as well as loving to work in food & health & animal services.

Collectively this means the arrival of new ‘systems’ in all features in our personal & global life. As Jupiter enlivens our quest for wisdom as he opens new doors and expands our horizons, here’s to him doing his job in all these areas associated with Virgo: Our food sources and nutrition – Personal health and the medical industry as a whole – Financial & governance systems – Environmental systems – Regulatory systems of all kinds – Public Service and Social Welfare – Animal Rights & all the systems of nature – Slavery.

So get set to eat your veggies, detox that dear body of yours, join your local co-op and support clean food production, clean out the cupboards big time, set up clever new book-keeping, embrace your daily work in progressive new ways, volunteer time to animal welfare & community support groups, join amnesty international, move your funds into community banking, enjoy being crafty and making things, and generally think and act carefully and strategically when making decisions about future plans. Cultivate patience and humility, keep things simple, be discreet in all your dealings, be diligent and willing to really put some effort into developing your work areas, as this is one Jupiter position that doesn’t just hand you good luck without some effort.

As Jupiter does things ‘to extreme’ we may find ourselves moving into a bit of a micromanaging phase as Virgo is renowned for ‘the devil being in the details’. Obviously the caution here is to take care not to become a nit-picking annoying person who drives yourself and everyone else nuts being too critical or perfectionist! Virgo also loves to worry and fret and has trouble allowing and flowing, as the left brain mind resists the right brain faith and trust of the opposite sign of Pisces. I like to think that Jupiter’s gift over the next year may develop our understanding of our right/left brain system so we can tap into our intuition as the source of guidance & inspiration…and then send this over to our Virgo practicality to bring things into ‘form’.

OK there’s the basic territory so stay tuned for the next newsletter when I’ll give you the link to the full article I’m in the middle of researching and writing! That’s the great thing about my job – it never ends!!

New Moon on August 14th @ 20 degrees Leo
I’m excited about this one as it EXACTLY trines Uranus @ 20 Aries! As New Moons herald new beginnings this is like the final kick in the pants for the Leo creative push of the past year while Jupiter has been in Leo. We’ve also seen that Venus and now Mars are also in Leo for the next 2 months, hence my intro about all the creative energy right now. With Uranus in this new moon mix the features of innovation and revolution are set to be launched with powerful gusto. As this is also the major theme of these recent years we need to come to terms with the fact that nothing will ever be the same again. All models and systems are morphing into new ones and we need to be very open to embracing technology and re-inventing ourselves as a major feature of life. The trick is to think new thoughts, dare to be different and align yourself with clever conscious people who have stepped beyond the old limiting fear driven 3D models that are now passing away!

Sun enters Virgo on Aug 23rd & joins Jupiter
I’ve already had a big rave about Virgo above so as Sun steps into Virgo we’re set to get the ball rolling with all that practical organizational stuff. The big news is his meeting a few days later on the 27th with Jupiter who has only just stepped into Virgo on the 11th. There is only one Sun/Jupiter conjunction each year so this is it. Remember we don’t necessarily see outcomes straight away…this is a trigger point for all the Virgo themes I’ve outlined, but there could also be big announcements of new environmental issues OR solutions. As a student of cosmic cycles and systems I believe it’s really important that we educate ourselves about the true nature of the changes occurring in our whole solar system in recent decades as we pass through the 26,000 year ‘shift’ from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Yes it is imperative that clean energy systems replace coal & oil but we also need to know that our Solar System is being impacted with radical new cosmic forces.

Here’s a great link to a video describing how the sun and all of the planets of our solar system are being affected as we move through the Photon Belt, an area of space with higher frequencies and a toric energy field emitting out of Alcyone the brightest star of the Pleiades, around which our solar system rotates.

Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces @ 6 degrees on August 29th
This is the first activation to the Virgo energies, and the new moon on September 13th will truly open them as this will also be a Solar eclipse…and they sure make things happen! The 29th Full Moon has Neptune on the Moon in Pisces which can be a sweet combo enhancing the visionary inspirational sensitivities of the Moon…very spiritual, compassionate and caring. Downside however involves the usual issues of deception and illusion of the spin doctors maybe telling us what we need for our health…like enforced vaccinations!! Yep this will be a big feature of the coming year so get set to become informed and have your voice about this major can of worms. Also the ice epidemic will really come onto the front burner along with all mental health issues. Yep our world is a big mess people so it is vital that we do whatever we can to offer our lives to helping clean up the mess…the purpose of the Virgo times ahead.

Whoosh well if you’ve made it to the end of this little offering then congratulations and thanks for bothering!! As ever I send my love and warmest wishes to you all for your on-going evolution into al the wonderful positive energies also on offer in these challenging times on planet earth.

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