Australia, get your hearts and dance cards full again with Samantha Jade’s latest single

‘Dance Again’ channels the power of positive thinking to get us back up on our feet


Australia’s sweetheart and ARIA Award winner Samantha Jade is releasing her brand new single Dance Again. The title track produced by Liam Quinn (Guy Sebastian, Rita Ora and Keith Urban) is an anthem of positivity about finding the silver lining when life gets you down. The new track drops June 17 just as Australia’s live music scene gets back on its feet and dances again.

Sydney, AUSTRALIA — One of Australia’s most-loved pop stars and ARIA Award winner Samantha Jade has released her new single Dance Again. Dance Again is an anthem of positivity that encourages each of us to find the silver lining no matter what life throws our way. The track comes at a time when the arts scene is opening back up around Australia and music lovers are finding their groove again.

“For me, dancing is such a pure form of expression. The music, the lyrics and the movement all come together to create a combined energy. These past few years I’ve really missed performing in front of my fans and feeling that energy,” says Samantha.

“Life doesn’t always go to plan. This song reminds us to look for the positives so we can keep going, bring back the joy and find a way to dance again.”

With numerous TV appearances, including most recently Channel Nine: Celebrity Apprentice, 2.3 million in music sales and streamed more than 91 million times, the singer, songwriter and actress from Perth has faced her share of challenges along the way. She credits the support of her family and positive thinking as helping her to keep going.

According to Samantha, there’s nothing more important than having a strong support network through challenging times. During lockdowns, her dad was there to give her encouragement, however, it was her late mother’s words that helped inspire the chorus.

Her mum, Jacqui, grew up as a dancer, and shared Samantha’s love of music. During the final stages of cancer, she would often encourage Samantha to keep going, stay positive or just get up and dance and live to the fullest, a spirit that Samantha continues to live by today.

Samantha worked with Australian producer Liam Quinn on the track, who has worked with artists including Guy Sebastian, Rita Ora, and Keith Urban.

“I’m really excited and proud to have written this song. I had an idea for the melody playing in my head, and my niece’s words in my ears. We captured it all down in the studio where Liam worked his magic and it just all came together beautifully,” says Samantha.

“I shared Dance Again with some of my closest friends and people I admire and they all came back to me straight away saying, ‘oh my gosh, I love this song, I needed to hear that.’ I hope that this song helps give others a boost, who need to hear it as well.”

Dance Again joins a growing list of recent hits from Samantha Jade including Beautiful and Golden (a collaboration with Priceline Australia for the Sisterhood Foundation), New Boy, Back 2 Back, In the Morning and Bounce, which has more than 4.7 million streams.

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