Beautiful DisasterBeautiful Disaster  Review  by Jamie McGuire


Beautiful Disaster is a contemporary romance that starts with college student Abby meeting her exact opposite in fellow student and part-time boxer Travis.

While trying to fight her feelings for the bad boy, all Abby’s past memories of her father and childhood are brought to the surface. His lifestyle reminds her of everything she left behind in her small town and she would like it all to stay in the past.

However Travis’s pull is too hard to resist. As the two begin a rollercoaster of a relationship, they both learn what is important and what you just have to live with. Changing a person is difficult, especially when they are known as the college womaniser.

Travis is the beautiful disaster that every good girl wants to reform. Just bad enough to give you hope and just good enough to make you want to be bad. You can understand what Abby sees in him and why she shouldn’t be with him.

With enough romance to keep you interested and just enough sexiness to make you blush, this book is a fast and easy read. If you are looking for a light story, then Beautiful Disaster is a good choice. The beginning in a series, I’m interested enough to know what more this couple could possibly go through.

The only concern I have about this book is the plot. The more you think about it, the more it doesn’t entirely make sense. Some of the conflict seems a bit random in order to drag out the story.

The character’s motives are a bit touch and go too. I didn’t particularly like Abby as a person and, considering the story is told from her perspective, I did wonder why. However, I still found Beautiful Disaster difficult to put down. Like the cover says, meet your new obsession.  33443_BeautifulDisaster_leftNoBack

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