Bogan Entertainment Solutions selects eight Australians for local animation talent development initiative

Bogan Entertainment Solutions (BES) Animation has selected eight talented writers and directors as part of their development initiative funded through Screen Australia’s Enterprise Stories program. The initiative was designed to build Australian talent in the animation industry and to help gifted Australian writers and directors reach their full potential.

Bruce Kane, Executive Producer at BES Animation, says: “There were over 100 applicants for the writing and director positions and it was amazing to see so much creative potential within Australia. We hope to be able to engage with the broader talent pool moving forward.”

The chosen writers are Shane Luther, Michael Drake, Maik Hempel, Jessica Hopcraft and writing partners Michael Dockery and Tyson Gaunt. The directors are Sasha Mutch and Martin Cormier.

All of the successful applicants demonstrated a passion for working in animation, had animation writing or directing experience, and showed strong creative and comedic potential.

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to create content and to develop talent in the Australian animation sector to ensure that a vibrant culture of Australian storytelling continues into the future.

These emerging animation writers and directors will work on projects from BES Animation’s development slate to produce scripts and teasers throughout 2015. They will also be mentored by internationally acclaimed writer Mike de Seve and animation director Tony Craig together with BES creatives to provide the best possible creative learning environment and be given every opportunity to grow and succeed.

About the Mentors

Mike de Seve is an Emmy-nominated animation writer and director, working in both feature films and television, and has contributed in various forms to Madagascar, Shrek 2 and Monsters vs Aliens. He has also written and directed animated shows for Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, NBC, Nickelodeon and Disney and directed the full seven seasons of the original Beavis and Butt-Head series, for which he earned that show its Emmy nomination.

Mike de Seve

Mike de Seve

Tony Craig is a leading US animation director who has worked in all aspects of the animation industry for over 25 years including executive producer and director for Disney Television Animation for 13 years. He was one of the few artists commissioned to draw the character, Mickey Mouse. Some of his features credits include Stitch the Movie, Curious George 3, Back to the Jungle, House of Villains and television series including The Lion King’s Timon and Pumbaa, 101 Dalmatians, House of Mouse Lilo and Stitch, and Emperor’s New School among others.

Tony Craig

Tony Craig

Public Talks
Mike de Seve and Tony Craig will be conducting talks on writing and directing for animation in late August in Melbourne at the Melbourne Museum Theatre. The talks will be broadcast live on the Screen Australia website via Webinar.

Mike de Seve: Writing for Animation talk
Wednesday 19 August 6 – 8pm talk, 8 – 9pm drinks
Melbourne Museum Theatre

Tony Craig: Directing for Animation talk
Wednesday 26 August 6 – 8pm talk, 8 – 9pm drinks
Melbourne Museum Theatre

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