Best Hipster-Worthy Beauty Picks You Can Find in Australia

The hipster is dead. Long live the hipster, exclaims The Guardian. We beg to differ. Sure, the ‘hipster’ label is not being thrown around as much as it used to be, but rest assured, the hipster is alive and well. The concept has simply expanded, taken many shapes and forms, fractions so to say, and now we have a huge variety of hipsters who cultivate different interests, fashion personas and much more.
The one thing they do still have in common is an appreciation and inclination towards originality. As today’s topic revolves around beauty products, it’s important to note that the members of the hipster movement are known for their love of original packaging, value for money products, as well as products that, at least to a certain extent, rely on a holistic approach to skincare, beauty and wellness.

Ok, they’re a tough crowd to please, but cosmetic companies are bending over backwards to cater to this generation as they are one of the most powerful consumer groups. This means only one thing – plenty of hipster-approved products to choose from. Given that their taste is quite specific and demand for quality high, it’s wise to take note and follow in their footsteps when shopping for beauty, so let’s.

Tick all the boxes
Aside from quality, a true hipster will always be inclined to support local indie brands that manufacture organic products made from scratch. The product that ticks all the boxes is a cleanser made by a Brooklyn-based company called S.W. Basics. This cleanser made from 100% organic vegetable glycerine, rose water, and tea tree oil – all pure all the way.

Of course, there is an additional incentive for purchasing this product – the packaging. The apothecary bottle and the vintage font on the label would satisfy the taste of even the pickiest hipster out there. Of course, thanks to the wonders of online shopping, the cleanser can be delivered to your door, straight from Brooklyn.
Sharp, clean, minimal
There is a particular hipster fraction that is famous for its love of minimal design, whether it’s interior, fashion or makeup. They appreciate simple clean lines, impeccable craftsmanship and a minimal, effortless appearance devoid of bright colours.

That’s precisely why every hipster girl absolutely loves Sigma makeup brushes. They can be easily used for blending and flawless finish. It also doesn’t hurt that the quality of brushes is incredible and they allow for easy application. Of course, you can find them online and with just a few clicks, they can be yours.
The vegan
We promised a variety of hipsters, so the vegan is inevitable. For this kind of hipster, it’s paramount that their products are vegan, organic and cruelty-free, which is something we should all be on board with as these are issues of great importance.

One such beloved product is definitely is the citrus and poppy seed vegan soap made by an artisan soap company Metropolis Soap Co. aside from being vegan they’re also gluten-free, which is a huge deal for gluten-intolerant people. The best part though is the amazing packaging and a variety of scents that will tempt you into eating the soap instead of washing your face with it. Also, they’re incredibly cleansing and truly effective, and they ship worldwide!
Vintage, cute, amazing
While many hipster girls will definitely steer clear from contouring and excessive highlighting, no girl is immune to a great a subtle blush that gives those gorgeous cheeks an extra dose of health and glow. While there are amazing blushes from different companies around the globe, the hipster has spoken and her choice is Cindy Lou Manizer (do you get the pun) rosy blush and subtle highlighter.

Aside from the amazing quality of the product, the incredible shade of pink, there is another thing to love about this product. The Balm is cosmetics company known for the retro packaging of the products as well as the whimsical and pun-loaded names of products. ‘Put a lid on it’ is a phrase, but also the name of their shadow primer and the list of hilariously original names is endless. So, Cindy is a cute pin-up looking gal who has ended behind bars and charged with the crime stealing glances and glowing too much. The packaging is so retro and quirky that you can practically see Zooey Deschanel putting it into her polka-dot satchel.

Contributor Sophia Smith

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