Things are looking up for violists in this day-and-age. All the stigma and misconception about violas are almost non-existent since more and more people are becoming captivated by the allure of its deep tones.

The rise of the internet has also paved the way for fellow musicians to upload their advice and tutorials for anyone to access online. With just a click of a button, you’re able to access all kinds of learning materials for your training.

Youtube alone has over thousands of videos that center around violas. Scope out some of these lessons if you want to start learning the viola or just need more supplements for your training:

Viola Tuning: A String Sound by Violin Lounge by Violinist Zlata

A short clip where Zlata played the viola in A String. In this 30-second video, beginners can learn and identify the right sound of the A string and compare on how they play it. There are also videos for G string, D string and C string.

She also has several videos that offer in-depth explanations and tips for viola practice like proper positioning and techniques, this youtube page will point out areas for improvement that you may not have noticed.

Viola beginner routine part 1 by String Life

In this 11-minute tutorial video by String Life, he showed the basics such as how to properly put the shoulder rest, how to properly hold the bow and the right position in playing viola. The video also includes how to tighten the hair of the viola bow and played some basics.

In addition, he also made a 6-minute part 2 of the video for additional tutorials such as strum bowing techniques.

How to Play Viola by Smart Music

Nokuthula Ngwenyama, an associate professor of viola, did a 13-minute video about the basics of playing the viola, including setup, posture and technique.

In this video, she started with the most basic, opening the case and removing the bow from it. The whole 13-minute video included putting rosin on the bow, cleaning the viola before putting it back in the case as well as the viola bows, proper handling the viola in standing and sitting position and of course, playing the strings.

Viola Tips with Violamad: Shifting Basics by Violamad

In this tutorial video, violist and private instructor Marie Daniels gave shifting techniques which means moving the hand from one point to another and changing fingers when playing viola notes.

She emphasized these two shifting basics such as:
Golf ball shift or also called Old finger shift
Airplane shift or also called Expressive shift

At the latter part of the video, she showed the difference of the two shifting techniques by playing the viola using the two techniques.

She also uploaded some of her performances along with more video tutorials. She also offers video-call lessons to international students, so if she catches your eye (or ear, in this case) you can reach out to her through Youtube or her website. Make this channel your next go-to if you ever need references to actual viola performances.

How to play Lovely ft Khalid by Billie Eilish on Viola (Tutorial) by EasyViolaLesson

Now if you want to cover a particular song like Lovely by Billie Eilish ft. Khalid, this video is best for you. EasyViolaLesson provides tutorial through simple animation making it easier to follow for beginners.

They have a lot of animation tutorials you can choose from in their channel.

The bottom line is: learning goes beyond private lessons and expensive tutoring. There are people all around the world who are willing to share their experiences and information just to help out aspiring violists. After all, everyone has to start somewhere.

So keep on practicing, for you might just be able to pay it forward and create a video on Youtube that’ll be just what aspiring violists are looking for!

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