Quarantine yourselves because there has been a zombie outbreak on the Gold Coast! Last night at the sneak peek for Queensland’s newest horror attraction Scream Farm people walked through “the holding cell for beasts and zombies that have been found and captured.”

On arrival there were the sounds of the actors warming up their blood-curdling screams and evil laughs. The attraction is set up as a maze with wire fencing and blood-splashed props draping every corner. During the line up to enter people are greeted by Sarah: an infected zombie working at a kissing booth throwing up blood. This gives the thrill-seekers only a taste of what is to come inside the enclosure.

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Patrons let through only groups of 1 – 4 people who are greeted by what looks like a S.W.O.T soldier who then warns you to be careful no to be infected by the zombies.

The maze attraction itself is confusing and horrifying in the best way possible. Amazing make-up and costuming makes the actors look like real flesh-eating creatures that may or may not haunt your nightmares. All of the senses are heightened as you are followed through parts of the attraction by the crashing of metal, loss of sight due to fog, walking through chains and drapes and the surprise of what is around the next corner.

The Scream Farm Horror Attraction officially opens this Friday inside Carrara Markets and promises “victims will experience first hand thrills and scares – An experience not be soon forgotten!”

By Holly Licuanan

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