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The Nine Network tonight launched the much anticipated 2013 series of BIG BROTHER with host Sonia Kruger, welcoming 12 Housemates onto the Stage before a capacity crowd of fans at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.


A former soldier, a high school teacher, an ex-cop and a sports agent, are some of this year’s BIG BROTHER contestants who have now moved into the House for the ultimate social experiment, vying to win a cash prize of $250,000.

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This season, BIG BROTHER has created a division in the House that will test this year’s Housemates like never before with the Safe House & Half Way House.   On stage, Sonia asked each Housemate to pick a key that would determine their fate in the House.  The keys either unlocked the door to the Safe House where Big Brother offered his new guests the opulent surrounds of luxurious gym, spa, swimming pool and wine and canapés on arrival.  The other key opened the door to the Half Way House where unfortunate Housemates experience an underprivileged life with beds half sized, and very limited facilities – all within clear view of their ‘richer’ neighbours.  The Half Way Housemates will have to rely 100% on the hand-outs of the Safe House on a daily basis – the toughest challenge in Australian Big Brother history.

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BIG BROTHER says of this year’s twist, “Listen carefully.  Those of you who think that what you saw on tonight’s show answers all your questions about my plans – think again.  There are many more elements to this year’s twist which will make the Housemates take their tasks and nominations very seriously.”

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Tomorrow night BIG BROTHER pulls the twist even tighter as he introduces some new faces in a special LIVE SHOW at 7pm.  The institution of marriage will be put to the test as DREW & JADE are introduced for the first time by Sonia, before being released into the Diary Room where these unsuspecting strangers are dealt a massive challenge.  In order to ensure their stay in the BB House lasts longer than two weeks, they must fool the Housemates into thinking they are a married couple.  An impossible task?  Let’s watch and see.


Big Brother 2013 will broadcast to a new schedule, for the first time ever having eviction shows on a Monday night, followed by Nominations Tuesdays and a brand new instalment on Saturdays with BIG BROTHER SHOWDOWN, hosted by Shelley Craft with commentary from Mike Goldman and Michael Beveridge.




7pm, Tuesday 30TH JULY                       LIVE BIG BROTHER SPECIAL

7pm, Wednesday 31ST JULY                  BIG BROTHER

7pm, Thursday 1ST AUG                       BIG BROTHER

7pm, Friday 2ND AUG                             BIG BROTHER

6.30pm, Saturday 3RD AUG                    BIG BROTHER SHOWDOWN


Tickets to the live shows can be purchased only at Dreamworld via

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