Cannes International Series Festival will screen BITE SIZE HORROR.
A 10 part series of impactful horror short films created by ALL CITY.

BITE SIZE HORROR is a series of scares. Each 2 minute episode, is a stand-alone short horror film. ALL CITY Chief Content Officer, Tony Sella and Executive Vice President, David Worthen Brooks, created these disturbing films for Halloween season by teaming with innovative up-and-coming directors, such as Don’t Go Down to Wildor – Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton; Floor 9.5 – Toby Meakins; Gregory – John William Ross; Live Bait – Andrew Laurich; Mondays – Michael Thelin; Monstagram – Jerome Sable; The Replacement – Chris Leone; The Road – Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm; Salt – Rob Savage; and Scaring Grandma – Chris Leone.

The cinematic collaborations are presented in genre bending and terrifying 2 minute shorts. The BITE SIZE HORROR films are a festival of fright that explore every facet of human fear, from “Psychological thriller” to “Horror Comedy” and everything in between, these slices of scare are guaranteed to put even the bravest viewers on edge. 10 two minute shorts will be screened at Cannes International Series Festival.

BITE SIZE HORROR was created by Fox Networks Group’s integrated agency All City – Chief Content Officer (All City) Tony Sella and Executive Vice President (All City) David Worthen Brooks, + Fox Digital Studio producers Arbi Pedrossian, and Steven Johnson.

This festival of frights has premiered online as well as on the FOX broadcast network and FX.

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