Bonnie Lythgoe Delights All With New Production Of Peter Pan

Bonnie Lythgoe is the director and producer of The Adventures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell which had its World Premiere at the Arts Centre Gold Coast last Friday night 23rd June.

It was welcomed with great applause and to the fact that Bonnie introduced the show to say that they only had 2 weeks to prep this show marks another applause as to the hard work that must have been placed on everyone in the show and at the Arts Centre.

Todd Mckenney is a delight as Captain Hook and the very talented Mark Jones who steals the show with Todd. This alone is a good reason to go see this much loved story as they are a hoot of fun and I loved the ab libbing that went on that gave more amusement as the night went on.

Tim Maddren is Peter Pan and Jamie Hadwen plays Tinker Bell who are well matched and add all the fun to their characters. The delightful pirates team who just give major enjoyment through out the night are a highlight in the show. The rest of the cast are just as perfect and great to see local talent on stage.

This is a great family event, but also for anyone that loves Peter Pan and good theatre you would love this show!

It does have a short season on Gold Coast, so in order to get to see the magic the glittering sets, musical numbers, and what is a big dose of great value entertainment I be quick to grab your tickets. My inner child was so happy and I saw many others that were with me in the grown up world.


Caroline Russo

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  1. Susan Lynch on June 27, 2017

    Bonnie always gives 110% and this rubs off on the very talented team she puts together for these Pantomimes.mwe travel from Perth every July to watch these amazing productions !
    Power To You Bonnie !