BOOK ALERT GRIFFITH REVIEW 65: Crimes and Punishments

Edited by ASHLEY HAY

Edition 65 • 5 August 2019 • RRP $27.99 / NZ $35.00

Australia is captivated by tales of crime. Podcasts, docudramas, live newsfeeds and fiction fuel our fascination. Yet behind every crime is a story about the human condition.

Griffith Review 65: Crimes and Punishments explores the direct and indirect impacts of crime, retribution and rehabilitation. Today, approximately 43,000 adults are in Australian prisons. More than one in four identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Startlingly, approximately one in twenty children will experience the incarceration of a parent, increasing to one in five for Indigenous children. Do these figures hold stores of people imprisoned through wrongful conviction? Do they record crimes that could have been prevented?

Edited by Ashley Hay, Griffith Review 65 explores stories of those involved in the quest for justice, from offenders to victims, their families and those who advocate on their behalf. It investigates oppressive and costly systems imposed on cultures and communities and looks to celebrate where things have worked well. What is the true cost of justice? And who pays the price?

Thirty years after the Fitzgerald Inquiry submitted its report on police corruption and the Queensland government’s administration, the legacies of this investigation run deep; Crimes and Punishments features four essays reflecting on Queensland’s recent history and the lasting impact of the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

The narratives that have shaped Australia’s contemporary judicial system are as complex as the crimes that underpin them. These stories embody experiences from violation and incarceration to survival and reform; they play out in courtrooms, detention centres and prisons, in native forests and in family homes. Crimes and Punishments provides insightful and robust discussion about the challenges of justice and retribution.

HHB..Intriguing insightful and dark reading stories of crimes and great writers.

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