Book Of The Month :Cars in Cuba You Should See Before They Die

Cars in Cuba
You Should See Before They Die

By Kim Buddee

The streets of Cuba are filled with a magnificent collection of
unique cars, which reflect the island’s dramatic heritage and
decades of isolation. In this beautiful hardback book, Cars in
Cuba—You Should See Before They Die, those iconic
American cars thundering along the crumbling streets of
Havana are displayed with photography by well-known
production designer Kim Buddee.

The result is an astonishing array of vehicles—from outlandish
automobiles, which seemingly defy belief, to other models of
majestic beauty—all lovingly restored with outstanding
ingenuity as shown in this detailed collection of images and

This book also touches on how Cuba was one of the greatest
importers of American cars, numbering 155,000 by 1955. Kim
Buddee’s tribute to this ‘Jurassic Park’ of motor vehicles
captures the wide range of imports from pre WW2 through the
glory days of the 1950s.

Cars of Cuba embodies the glory of these kings of the road,
before they disappear as a new wave of change sweeps across
the country.

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