The sequel to Jimmy Barnes’ number one bestselling and critically acclaimed autobiography, Working Class Boy.

Australia has had many amazing musical talents and of course one of them is the rock legend Jimmy Barnes who’s second book “Working Class Man” gives you another insight to one of the aspects of surviving battles and more insights to the complex life and his family, in which he shared in working class boy and revealed so much of what it was like for him growing up and some of the disturbing things that happened to him as a boy growing up.

The continuation of his life is insightful, gripping and brave, as well as refreshing to have the honesty that he relieves. I am one of the lucky ones to have lived through the musical era from the 70s, and from the days he started with Cold Chisel. He was hard rocker and he is still here to tell the story which is so good. He has become more so a real hero in the sense of what he has shared which has in his books helped many others to talk and process.

You don’t need to be a fan to read this book but you will become one, and admire what he has written and shared over his lifetime. It was extra nice for me to be familiar with some of the people that he has mentioned in the book, and how he recalls different parts of his life in his career and with his family. It will touch your heart and soul and I hope he keeps going as he got so many more chapters in his life to come.

This is already a bestseller and has been in the top 10, so needless to say as Molly Meldrum would “do yourself a favour” and get a copy of this now!

Words and review Caroline Russo

Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher

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