Book Release : A Hard Place The Rise of Street Gangs

A Hard Place The Rise of Street Gangs
by photojournalist and former police officer Brett Stevens

In this biographical crime novel, A Hard Place The Rise of Street Gangsis a first hand account of the spread of gang culture across the world, where drive-by shooting and communities under siege have become the new normal. According to author Brett Stevens, today the gang culture has developed into a global structure in more countries than ever before, and as such as we to need understand it and develop strategies to suppress it.

Having served in the police force for 13 years, Brett worked at Sydney’s infamous red-light district of Kings Cross, followed by the Tactical Response Group. In the 1990s, he spent a number of years in the Untied States studying police tactics and the impact of street gangs before managing troubled young gang members in group homes. It was here that he came to understand the gang ethos and the shared notions of respect, courage and duty. On returning to Australia, he identified the same forces that he had seen in the United States, which have led to the rise of home-grown gangs, and he witnessed their impact upon his own community and even his family.


Brett Stevens joined the NSW Police Force in 1982 where he served for 13 years. During this period, he worked at some of the toughest areas such as King’s Cross, the red-light precinct of Sydney and various patrol, drug and tactical units. From 1989 to the mid-1990s, he moonlighted as a freelance photojournalist. Possessing a keen interest in law enforcement, Brett studied crime and tactics across the USA, interviewing hundreds of cops and published their stories in the international magazine market. He is regularly sought out by both government and media for his insights in the area of gang culture and has published articles about policing in Australia and overseas. He is also a specialist consultant on leadership and crisis risk management for multinational companies.

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