In My Nature
Rediscover Your Own Wild and Free Spirit
Tanja B. Linde
Publisher: Hardie Grant Explore Published: 05 April 2023

A magical book featuring Tanja B. Linde’s gorgeous illustrations, In My Nature will help you realise your own potential by unearthing your connection to the natural world.

Having opened up this book when I recieved it, l must say what a timely book to have in my life first as it got me intrigued to know Tanja jourmey which I thought what a free sprit she is. In coming to terms in life we do look stronger as we grow and Tanya shares more on the impantance of nature and energy that connects us.

Having lived nomadically for the past decade, Tanja has found ways to make the most out of every experience. She believes that if we choose to listen to our higher nature and live life on our own terms, we can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Divided into three sections – Venture Inward, Go Explore and Journey Beyond – In My Nature guides your journey on a free-spirited path. It opens you up to your own transformation and growth process using the elements of fire, water, earth, air and spirit.

Throughout the book you will be offered up inspiration and ideas for activities that let you explore both your inner wilderness and reconnect with nature as a whole, which are bound to enrich your body, mind and spirit. Find encouragement to go beyond your limits, set intentions, manifest your goals and venture out into a world full of possibilities. Know what it means to be in your element and live a life that is both meaningful and endlessly exciting.

With the moving chapters it does give you guidlines to work in the seasons of your life and this is book that generates so much food for thought in how we can work with ourselves better in natural rhythm of life.

This is a great gift to give yourslef or to someone you care for that may need to connect with this.

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