BOOKS Wilderness: The Most Sensational Natural Places on Earth

Penny Watson

Publisher Hardie Grant Out Now in all leading book stores and online.

Wilderness: The Most Sensational Natural Places on Earth is a fresh and inviting coffee table book featuring 40 of the most sensational wilderness destinations on planet Earth, both the far-reaching and those that exist within reach of human populations. It will be a source of travel inspiration, and a reminder to protect what is still ours.

It was a delight to talk to Penny about her latest book on travel it really is insightful and has many great destinations that take you around the globe as Penny stamps the world of Wilderness. Her words and energy here say a lot about what she is about and why this book is one to highlight.

The word ‘wilderness’ itself conjures images constantly looping on our social media feeds: towering forests, sparkling streams, the sun’s shadow falling across a desert dune, polar bear cubs walking across a tundra. The fact that our popular culture constantly draws us to these elusive destinations says much about their place in our psyche. In times of inner turmoil or outer chaos they are escape rooms. When we want adventure, they are freedom calls to strap on the walking shoes or backpack. When we seek quietude, inner peace or renewal, they ignite a dormant instinct. A yearning to be among nature.

Our increasingly urban lives have made this call to the wild louder and stronger. And as the population emerges from a modern-age global catastrophe, a new reality dawns: a truth-telling that says the planet’s greatest commodity is not its iron ore or petroleum. It’s our wilderness that needs to be protected, the pockets of the planet where, by definition, we humans have been mostly absent.

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  1. Penny on September 25, 2023

    It was super dooper talking to you about Wilderness Caroline – your enthusiasm and lust for life is contagious. Big hugs, Penny

    • Caroline Russo Author on September 25, 2023

      Penny Watson how beautiful are you! Thank you so much as love it when I talk to amazing people like you and who explore and connect us to the world. You are a very special lady and your book should be a best seller. Big hugs to you in your part of the world.