Book Releases … Be Here and Now Finding Peace and Joy in the Present Moment by Meredith Gaston Masnata

Finding Peace and Joy in the Present Moment Review and Interview

Meredith Gaston Masnata
with photographic by Roberto Masnata.

Published by Hardie Grant Out in April 2023.

Be Here Now will show you how to discover your ‘now’, building resilience and nurturing your own inner sanctuary by treasuring the world, just as it is now, in all its simplicity and authenticity.

Speaking with Meredith and her husband and photographer Roberto in their beautiful home in Brisbane on their new book was indeed a delight to hear about how they come together on discovering their combined creative talents as well as finding each other in the past 3 years. Working together and journaling what they have done was something that is a natural fit for them to do. In their company they are the true essence of being present  and there is such a devotion of love and respect for one another.

 Meredith who is famous on the International scene for her books has yet again put a timely book in “Finding Peace and Joy in the Present Moment”, with Meredith writing pages that really speak to you that connect you with her words and illustrations then combined with photographic images  by Roberto Masnata that are all quite breathtaking. In over a year they have captured moments that speak volumes as they got married just one year ago in Tasmania quietly together in  which they share some of those moments in the book. Meredith and Roberto  are a unique love story and were made for one another which has brought them together for this beautiful book that they have created and am sure there will be many  more creative pursuits to come. 

This is a book that can live on your table of choice to open up each day or when it serves you,  and it will connect with the energy that you may be seeking as I have discovered’ and to then indulge yourself in the imagery of both the art and photography. I love it, and it is uplifting for the soul and such a reminder that the present moment is the most important part of life we can live in.  

 Meredith will guide you to Be Here Now and show the simple steps on  how easy it is to reconnect with the moment, pushing aside life’s challenges to rediscover the simple things in life. 

The launch of the book will be held in Brisbane in Riverbend Bulimba 6th April  and to book tickets go here

This book is an inspiring book and will help you relax and enjoy the moment.

Carolina Russo Review and copy write on images.

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