Book Review: Delicious. Daily

With life getting increasingly hectic, it’s getting easier and easier to justify swinging through a drive-through, or relying on the same 6 meals into perpetuity. Sure, we know it’s not the healthiest of options, but sometimes, it feels like there’s just not enough time in the day to do better.

Those looking for faster, easier, healthier options have a wealth of cookbooks available to them now, with even celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver championing the idea of tweaking pre-packaged foods and calling it cooking. Granted, it might feel like cheating from time to time, but when there’s not a lot of time to, say, whip up some homemade ice cream, sometimes little cheats make all the difference.

Fans of Delicious Magazine will know they’ve long-championed the cause of reality-friendly cookery, making the most of the tiny windows of time available in the average day to prepare a wealth of exciting, tasty meals. In their latest offering, ‘Delicious. Daily’, the Delicious Mag team have challenged themselves to re-work the classic dishes we all know and love.

This isn’t just shaving time off the prep and cooking. Instead, its new takes and flavours, with ideas to better take the chaos out of the kitchen. Truthfully, there are some flavour twists I’m not too sure, or keen, about. At times it feels a little too much like throwing together elements and hoping for the best, rather than the nuanced approach you might be used to. It should probably also be noted that ‘Delicious. Daily’ does veer towards trend cookery, so if you’re not a fan of, say, vegetables in your smoothies (or desserts), or cutesy names just for the sake of it, there’s possibly a bit of eye rolling in your future. For readers looking for ways to speed up the processes while keeping the flavours traditional, this is probably not going to be a particularly helpful read. And yet, for those willing to be a little bit adventurous, there might well be some dishes here that’ll end up on regular rotation.

They’re exciting without being overwhelming, with a range of flavour options to suit a wealth of fussy eaters. And, of course, they’re great for the time-poor home cook, keeping things as simple and quick as possible. Granted, there might be a couple of ingredients that you’ll need to find outside the usual weekly shopping trip, but nothing so exotic you’ll have to start a quest in order to discover them. If you’re a fan of adventurous but economical cooking that doesn’t take forever to make, this is probably an ideal read.

‘Delicious. Daily’ is published by ABC Books/ Harper Collins, and is available where all good books are sold.

Review by Kylie Thompson

Rating: 3 and a half stars

Genre: Cooking
Publisher: ABC Books/ Harper Collins

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