BOOK REVIEW …………How to Age Against the Machine

How to Age Against the Machine
An Empowering Guide for Women Ageing on Their Own Terms
Melissa Doyle Naima Brown
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On receiving this book, “How to Age Against the Machine” was quite excited! It is something that right now I want to know more about and it’s vibrant cover being orange and bold and saying it is a book that every woman over 40 needs, I can confirm as to the contents and welcome it is something that has been put together beautifully by media personality Melissa, Doyle and Naima, Brown.
They have made a wonderful collection of chapters here that evolves with starting with ourselves to our personal worlds to our souls and a big chapter here is also about grief loss and letting go one that I really was quite pulled to as to the loss of my mother recently and close friends that have been passing by over the last couple years and it’s very interesting to read and connect with what the girls are saying here as it really gave me some comfort and I think it’s something we all need to prepare for.
If you haven’t reached that stage so far this is informative and I’m someone that’s in my mid 60s and I am embracing getting older, and I haven’t prepared well enough for it as I thought I had more time to prepare things, thinking I was energetic, I’m unstoppable, but I’ve had reality checks and this book really gives you good preparation and advice and you know for females we are gifted in many ways to be able to deal with lots of things in giving life is one of the biggest miracles of what we’ve been given, but with our great multi skills in many areas of our lives, we need to give ourselves a break and learn more how to be kinder to ourselves at times and wiser to the elements of what is unstoppable and that’s the ageing process. It covers all aspects of stress relationships, the dreaded word. We all hate menopause, but it gives you solutions and again things that may work as to some of the statements from other women that have had to deal with all sorts of things. I’ve thoroughly I’m getting a lot out of this as we never stop learning.

Congratulations to Melissa and Naomi I absolutely love this book. It’s going to hang around my table for awhile and I highly recommend it it’s says over 40 but what the heck share it before hand I think it’s worthwhile and a beautiful gift specially coming up for Mother’s Day or any day for that matter don’t hesitate and wait to give that’s another thing I am finding about getting old or just do something for you.

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