Book Review of ‘After the Fear’

After the Fear by Rosanne Rivers

Book review by Hush Hush Biz book reviewer Jamie Campbell.

In the darkest of futures where the country is so indebted that it must choose citizens to help repay the debt, After the Fear begins with a chilling concept. To repay the debt, those citizens must continually enter the arena and fight to the death.

Seventeen year old Sola Herrington is one of those citizens. Chosen out of jealously, Sola is sent to camp where she must compete in twenty-six fights in order to gain her freedom and consider her debt paid. That’s if she can survive that long.

With her trainer’s help, and her fellow fighter’s encouragement, Sola launches herself into the fights and must learn to make peace with the lives she takes. Racking up the kills, she worries about the person she is becoming.

When her enemy is also chosen, Sola soon learns that in order to survive, she must confront her past as well as imagine her future.

After the Fear is an intense ride. The concept is shocking, and if you think about it too long, terrifying. Wonderfully written and gripping, this book is for anyone who loved The Hunger Games and doesn’t mind a little bloodshed and teenage murder.

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