Book Review of ‘Bloodlines’

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Book review by Hush Hush Biz book reviewer Jamie Campbell

In the first in the Bloodlines Series, the book picks up just after Mead’s previous Vampire Academy series leaves off. The difference being these books are told by Alchemist Sydney Sage.

Straight-laced and logical Sydney is paying penance for assisting vampires in a crazy escapade that saw her overstep the boundaries which Alchemists so strictly enforce.

In order to redeem herself, Sydney is sent to Palm Springs in order to assist with a scheme to keep the Moroi royal princess safe from all those who want to kill her.

Teaming up with old favourites and enrolling in a prestigious human boarding school, Sydney soon starts to relax around the vampires and settle into school routine.

But when her new friends start boasting about the tattoos that give them superhuman powers, Sydney can’t let it go. Not when one of the Alchemists could be involved.

Bloodlines is a book that will grip you from the beginning and keep you there until the very last page and beyond. An excellent start to what is sure to be an enthralling series. If you liked the Vampire Academy series, you will love Bloodlines.

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