Made With Love: 100 of the World’s Best Chefs, Cooks, & Food Artisans & The Food They Make for the people They Love

Review by Kylie Thompson

Rating: 4 ½ stars
Genre: Cooking, charity

There are cook books you like, ones that look good but sit gathering dust on a shelf after a quick flick through, and ones that become a well-loved part of the meal rotation. ‘Made With Love’ is one of those well-loved kinds of books. In fact, it’s easy to fall in love with ‘Made With Love’ based on its priorities alone. This isn’t your typical foodie dream tome, instead, it’s both a fantastic collection of foods to try, and a fundraiser for an incredibly important cause. All royalties go to support the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s efforts to bring sustainable harvests and empowerment to some of the world’s most desperate areas.

This is the sort of gift that keeps on giving, even if you’ve decided to gift it to yourself. Each sale will make an actual difference in the lives of multiple people- and some of the biggest stars of the food world have gathered together to throw their names behind the cause.
If you’re a fan of celebrity chefs, and the familiar names of the industry, then this is a must-read in its own right. The premise is simple: A hundred foodies asked to share the foods they cook for the people they love. These aren’t the showy, made for praise and television concoctions we’re often familiar with (even Adriano Zumbo has simplified his food down, at least to manageable levels). Instead, it’s the food made when the cameras have gone and there’s nothing left but to feed the people who mean most.
And that, really, is the point. Who could want more than to provide good, tasty meals to their loved ones? Buying this book literally means helping other people achieve that goal, too. It’s a rather beautiful thought.

‘Made With Love’ is what happens when some of the heroes of the industry scale their work back to the realms of the possible for those of us not blessed with kitchen wizardry skills. And if that’s your particular brand of wonderful, this might just be the book you’ve been waiting for.
These are recipes designed to suit a range of culinary skills. There’s sweets and savouries, with whole banquets or single dishes on offer; simple fare made with whatever you’re likely to have on hand, or twists on classic dishes using specialty ingredients. Though there may be the odd dish that’s above your talents right now, the joy of ‘Made With Love’ is that it holds potential to remain a well used book as you become more confident in the kitchen, with more than enough variety here to keep from getting bored as your talents grow.

The joy of this collection of foodies lies in their unique take on the idea: each has brought their diverse backgrounds and obsessions onto a beautifully broad concept. There’s a wealth of flavours to explore, and a host of foodies you might not have heard much from getting a chance to dazzle with the best of them.
All in all, a wonderful gift to yourself or someone you love, and to the wider world.

‘Made With Love’ is published by Echo Publishing, and is available through the publisher’s website, and at selected retailers.

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