Books For Kids …Give the gift of adventure this Christmas with Lonely Planet Kids

Lonely Planet Kids’ latest interactive, lift-the-flap book, Ancient Wonders: Then & Now introduces some of history’s most famous civilizations and their buildings, palaces and temples. Children will be transported to a Chinese army made of clay, swim through Cleopatra’s sunken underwater palace, experience gladiatorial combat in Rome and much more. Marvel away!

Ancient Wonders: Then & Now

October 2018 | $24.99 AUD/$26.99 NZD
H254mm x W275mm | 24 pages| Ages 5-8

This activity book makes readers the dinosaur experts as they open crates, assemble fossils and build themed exhibits using the materials provided. Fun and interactive, this prehistoric pop-up challenges potential palaeontologists to tap into their Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Maths and Creative construction skills to create their own dinosaur museum.

Build Your Own Dinosaur Museum

October 2018 | $29.99 AUD/$29.99 NZD
H254mm x W275mm | 24 pages | Ages 5-8

Where does luggage go? What happens in the control tower? How do planes actually fly? This interactive, lift-the-flap book uncovers all the secrets of the airport, from a peek inside the cockpit to the hustle and bustle of departures. Filled with beautiful illustrations from acclaimed illustrator James Gulliver Hancock, this follow-up to How Cities Work will delight readers both young and old, ensuring they never look at air travel in the same way again.

How Airports Work

October 2018 | $24.99 AUD/$26.99 NZD
H254mm x W275mm | 24 pages | Ages 9-12

The Daredevil’s Guide to Dangerous Places

9781787016941 | Paperback
October 2018 | $19.99 AUD/$22.99 NZD
H240mm x W185mm | 80 pages | Ages 8-12

Hazard hunters Eddie and Junko are exploring some of the most extreme environments on Earth! Join them as they travel in their trusty danger-mobile to 35 treacherous, real-life corners of the planet, including an island full of venomous snakes off the coast of Brazil, a volcano erupting as often as every five minutes in Italy, a mountain with the wind power to literally blow you off of it and much more. With a mix of photos and illustrations, amazing facts and danger stats, this book is a fun introduction to natural wonders both fascinating and destructive.

First Words Board Books: English, French & Spanish

These sturdy board book additions to our First Words series bring the English, French and Spanish languages to life for the very youngest learners. Each beautifully illustrated phrasebook contains 12 words to use while travelling, from categories like food and transport, to animals and weather. Includes a free online tool that allows toddlers to hear each word spoken by a native child of that language.

October 2018 | $12.99 AUD/$14.99 NZD

H178mm x W178mm | 24 pages | Ages 3-5

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