People Who Changed the Last Century
By Steven K. Cooper

The leaders that are remembered by history both define the world they live in and change that world forever. Whether their leadership is inspirational, innovative, decisive or ultimately destructive, we have a lot to learn from the lives and achievements of the eclectic group of people featured in this wonderful book.
Leaders in the Last Century is a collection of nearly 40 of the most important politicians, pop culture icons and social innovators of the past 100 years. From Hitler to Princess Diana, Steve Jobs to Mother Teresa and Fidel Castro to John Lennon, each of the people featured in this book changed the world … either for better or for worse.

Interesting read and for anyone that loves to go through our history of leaders and innovators that were one of kind.

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Pablo’s Kitchen
Secret of Latin American Cuisine
By David Michaels

Pablo’s Kitchen brings the authentic flavours of Mexican & Latin cuisine into your home with festive, flavoursome flare. All the Latin classics can be found here with traditional recipes with a modern touch.
Columbian born chef (and former personal trainer) David Michael’s shares stories and recipes that date back hundreds of years. Taking recipes from his mother, his grandmother and his great grandmother, David has developed and recreated these delicious Latino dishes for the tables of today.
Great book with cool recipes

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Diggin’ Your Dark Side

Guidance to Transform Anxiety and Depression Into a Deep Sense of Belonging and Love
By Melinda Carbis-Reilly

Feeling like you have lost your purpose is terrifying. Feeling disconnected to your life and loved ones for reasons unknown to you can take you to a ledge that you may not come down from. This is the grim reality of depression.
This book is for anyone who has experienced trauma that has not been healed, depression that has stolen joy, purpose that has been lost and for the carer who has watched their loved one get lost in the darkness.
Melinda Carbis-Reilly leaves no stone unturned. From nutrition, exercise, meditation, healing, self- love, and the pure joy of laughter, she will show you the right practises to bring you back to the peaceful being you truly are.

In this day of age depression is rising, the author is honest to the core in what the feeling has been to her and opens up here to work through a guideline and her own experiences. This is something that I feel everyone should read as to understanding how we can overcome, deal, if our own stuff or others in need.

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Healthy Eating for the Time Poor
The Ultimate Guide to Save Time and Money
By Lisa Kathleen Daly

Are you too busy to cook healthy meals? Do you need ideas for nutritious family meals?
Healthy Eating for the Time Poor is packed with recipes, tips and techniques to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen.
Reliable make-ahead meals, easy-to-follow cooking plans and pre-planned shopping lists will reduce your time in the kitchen and let you reclaim your evening.
With over 70 delicious recipes, other tips and tricks include: Freezer tips to save time and money, Meal planners for cooking once, twice or three times a week, Simple ideas to plan, create and store time-saver recipes, Slow cooker and pressure cooker recipes.
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FORMAT Paperback
For anyone that is time poor ME… gives you a great way to plan and some cool recipes too.
You can also buy and cook extra and freeze some of these recipes to save time in making them again. I do this from time to time when I know I have a busy week or month ahead.


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