BOOKS RELEASE……….Mindfulness Travel Japan

A Hardie Grant Explore book

Mindfulness Travel Japan
Nature, Food, Forest Bathing, Tea Ceremonies, Onsen, Craft & Meditation
Steve Wide Michelle Mackintosh

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Mindfulness Travel Japan is the perfect travel guide to Japan when you need to breathe, pause, focus and relax.

Are you looking to step back from the stress of daily life on your next holiday? In this guide, Japan travel connoisseurs Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh offer a selection of some of the most relaxing and mindful destinations and experiences across Japan, so you can just exist in the here and now.

This is well put together, and for anyone that appreciates the ways of how the customs of Japan work then this is a book that has insights into all things here to capture moments that do give you a nod of approval as you glide through the pages.

Just love all the tips on travel, Food, and images in the book are great for all the locations and temples, and landscapes to make this a whole zen experience.

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