Being different is normal and the way we treat others says more about ourselves than anything ever could.

Billie’s Book is a creative and bright Children’s book about the right way to treat others. Every person has a choice about how we behave, what choices we make, and what impact we want to leave on the world. This book is a simple, sweet and memorable guide for your child that reminds them how to be kind, compassionate, and considerate as they grow up in such a dynamic and beautiful world.

The book also acts as a reminder to young readers they don’t have to act, think or behave in a certain way to fit in, but they do need to learn to be resilient, developing a strong moral compass that will guide them between right and wrong in life.

This is positive for any child to have engaged to have read to them and must in all child outlets to share and teachers/ parents. Hush Hush Biz.


Ranjeeta Mayanglambam is an embodiment of the idea that constant self-improvement and boldness lead to truly great things. The story of her life is one of perseverance and exploration.

Ranjeeta grew up in Imphal, a beautiful city in the northeast region of India, but her earliest memories are of playing in rice paddy fields with neighborhood children on her summer holidays in Kackching Kunou (Father’s Village). She was a born doer, starting her first business at the tender age of five, when she began making bags with waste paper and selling them to shops for pocket money. At 10, she collected scrap metal and glass bottles and sold them to raise money for a New Year’s celebration at a friend’s house. Creativity and ambition have been perpetual pillars in her life, and she has gathered a lifetime of stories and dreams that she shares with her readers. Ranjeeta has a master’s degree in fashion management, and has lived in Sydney the last five years, enjoying the vibrant city and multicultural environment with her beautiful young daughter named Billie.

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