Books To Go :Travellers’ Tales from Around The World

Travellers’ Tales from Around The World
Edited and compiled by Matt Towner

Byron Bay—and Australia as a whole—is home to many people from so many different countries, cultures, colours and creeds—with locals, surfers, and wanderers both young and old at every turn.
Abroad, Broke & Busted is a compilation of 14 amazing travellers’ tales assembled and edited by author Matt Towner. They all provide unique and personal insights into life’s gains and losses whilst abroad—some are happy or sad, others soft or hard. While some adventurers end up in jail in a third world country, others find themselves nearly dead in a deep dark jungle—yet all somehow defy the odds.

All with a sense of adventure and a sense of humour—as readers learn—things will not always go their way in each exciting journey told.
Anyone who loves to travel, loves an adventure, loves a laugh or dreams of all three will love this book.

Matt Towner graduated from university in Brisbane, Australia in 1989 with a B.A. in Journalism. Afterwards, he set out to explore the world where he was inspired to write about travelling tales through the people he met along the way. Since then he’s published a number of stories including ‘The Pocket Book Guide to Byron Bay,’ ’The Gemstone Book of Runes,’ ‘Crystal Carvings,’ ‘Opal Magic,’ ‘Rasto Roo,’ ‘Bris Vegas’ and ‘Positive Investments.’

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