Next time on BrainBuzz, host Kellyn Morris, resident scientist Clare Van Dorssen, the BrainBuzz Crew and special guests delve into questions about Simple Machines, Bodily Functions, Mining, Food Chains and Colours.

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Monday’s Episode – Simple Machines
How do the gears on my bike work? What do we use levers for? How does a pulley work? Today’s episode is all about simple machines. Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew are joined in the studio by two junior champion woodchoppers who show us how they use their simple machines in the sport of wood chopping. Clare explains how the gears on our bikes work. Kellyn goes indoor rock climbing to see how pulleys are used to help a climber scale even the tallest walls, and the team cross (not live) to Ancient Greek scientist Archimedes to find out how he invented the Archimedes screw as we brainstorm to answer questions about Simple Machines.

Tuesday’s Episode – Bodily Functions
Our bodily functions are amazing, but have you ever thought about where snot comes from? Where does everything go when we flush the toilet? And why do we burp and fart? Well the BrainBuzz Crew have! Today, Clare gets the crew to make fake snot. Kellyn meets a gastroenterologist to get to the bottom of why she is so gassy. Clare takes a tour of the Sandgate sewage treatment plant to find out how waste is turned into clean water. And Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew cross (not live) to our very own BrainBuzz reporter from inside someone’s stomach.

Wednesday’s Episode – Mining
Have you ever thought what a world without mining might be like? Why do we need mining? On today’s episode of BrainBuzz, Clare visits the Queensland Centre for Automation Technology to check out the latest in mining automation technology. The crew are joined by John Campbell from the Caboolture Gem Club, who is an expert at finding precious stones. Kellyn meets Dr Stefan Hrabar, a research scientist at the CSIRO, to find out more about how drones are used in mining. And the BrainBuzz Crew cross “Not Live” to 1852 to chat with Peter, the prospector who is working the goldfields with a pan, trying to make it big.

Thursday’s Episode – Food Chain
What is an omnivore? Why don’t cows eat meat? And what is an apex predator? Today Clare visits Dream World to meet two amazing apex predators, the tiger and the Tasmanian devil. Kellyn heads out to a farm full of grass-feeders to investigate how a cow’s digestive system works. Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew are joined by carnivorous plant enthusiast Brent Jones – owner of one of the most unusual plants in the world. And we cross “Not Live” to chat to BrainBuzz’s very own apex predator, Craig the Crocodile.

Friday’s Episode – Colours
What are colours? How do you make a colour? And why does mixed paint go brown? To brainstorm the answers to these colourful questions Clare visits the Dulux paint factory and finds out how paint gets its colour. Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew are joined by Beth from the UQ Demo Troupe, a group of students who are interested in spreading enthusiasm for science, to demonstrate that colours are different wavelengths of light. In the ThinkTank, it’s Clare’s paint-mixing challenge – what a mess! And Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew cross “Not Live” to Sir Isaac Newton so he can explain how he discovered the rainbow and the colour wheel as we brainstorm answers to questions about colour.

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