Outlawed: Breakthrough Young Author, Bobby Bright, Seeks Literary Vigilantism with Intense Debut Novel

Just like his protagonist, Bobby Bright is something of a maverick, bucking all trends of his age and aiming for bestseller stardom. His celebrated first offering, ‘Outlawed’, follows the gripping retribution of a courtroom sketch artist who has had enough of the bad guys in American’s most dangerous city.

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At a time when many in the media blame young people for apathy and a severe lack of motivation, it’s always exciting to hear of someone going against the grain to achieve success beyond their years. Bobby Bright embodies that spirit perfectly.

Not only does he hold a combined degree in Astrophysics, Chemistry, Psychology and Genetics, but he is also one of the country’s most noted Mountain and Moorland pony trainers. As of today he can also add another string to his bone – as a published author rapidly pulling in acclaim.

Bright’s debut release, ‘Outlawed’, takes readers into the dark yet thrilling world of vigilantism – something everyone wishes they could experience, yet only Bright and the brave few will ever make possible through literature.


Mark Bellinghausen is a courtroom sketch artist who witnesses injustice on a daily basis. On the way home from work one day, he sees a group of criminals assaulting a young woman on the bus. Overwhelmed by anger at the violence he witnessed, and the growing frustration of observing the guilty gain freedom due to the frailties of the American justice system, Mark seeks instant retribution on the gang under the cover of darkness.

Having acquired the taste for vigilantism, Mark targets other guilty people he sketches in the courtroom, and dons a disguise to remain anonymous while delivering his own brand of illegal punishment to sexual predators and murderers. Mark travels through the seedy underbelly of America’s most dangerous city, Mecklenburg, delivering violent justice to those evading it, and pursuing ever more deadly criminals to attain solace from his secret past.

With the media labelling the unidentified vigilante as ‘The Outlaw’, will Mark be able to escape from the long arm of the law, or will the vicious serial killers he hunts get to him first?

“There’s many different sides to me,” explains Bright, tipped to become a future bestseller. “If I’m not tinkering with prestigious cars or trying to understand the inner-most mysteries of Astrophysics, I’m at my writing desk furiously crafting fiction. This is actually the first of a trilogy, with the two remaining volumes expected to hit the shelves later this year.”

Continuing, “My message to all young people is to go out there and take on the world. You rarely see someone my age who has achieved so much, but you just need to want it in order for it to happen. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a grassroots vigilante with an inside link to justice, then this is the adventure you’re waiting for.”

Outlawed’, from Rheel Publishing, is available now:

For more information, visit the author’s official website:

About the Author:

Bobby Bright is an exciting young fiction author, whose passion for writing encompasses novels, short stories and narratives across a wide range of genres, including crime fiction, comedy, western, horror, science fiction as well as psychological and political thrillers.

After leaving school Bobby worked in the motor trade dealing with prestige vehicles from all over Europe whilst at the same time studying with the Open University to obtain a combined degree in Astrophysics, Chemistry, Psychology and Genetics.

In addition to his interests in writing, business and education, Bobby’s other passion is his collection of native British Mountain and Moorland ponies. Bobby has become one of the country’s best-known and respected trainers of these beautiful and rare breeds, competing with them at County Shows across the country with great success, including fourteen National Championship titles and three Horse of the Year Show wins.

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