British Author’s New Novel Cashes in on Calamitous Finance Career

The Accidental Banker: The Accidental Banker: British Author’s New Novel Cashes in on Calamitous Finance Career.

United Kingdom – Pink Floyd once said that money “is the root of all evil today”, something author and artist Dan Stringer can attest to. Following a failed attempt to become a teacher (a pathological hatred of small children rather hampered this choice of degree), and with well meaning parental concern reaching a crescendo at mealtimes, not unlike his fictional self, Stringer soon found himself working for a Bank. It sounded respectable after all, on paper at least…

Having at last escaped a world that was increasingly testing his morality, Stringer has put pen to paper to release a gripping and frankly hilarious new novel. Inspired by twenty interesting, astonishing years in Banking, the story is also sprinkled romantic entanglements, absorbing anecdotes, and flashbacks from his formative years that will leave the reader yearning for the days of camping in the woods, racing go-karts, first holidays without their parents, and rushing in from school for a slice of homemade fruitcake and a cup of tea… Introducing, ‘The Accidental Banker’.


It was just no good; he couldn’t put it off any longer. George Butler was going to have to grow up and go to work…. Bugger.

Suitable gainful employment was required, and fast. Banking, what could possibly go wrong..?

Set in the mid nineties, way ahead of the banking crisis, and just as high street banks were waking up to all the lucrative possibilities of ruthlessly selling their financial products to their unsuspecting customers, The Accidental Banker follows all the drama of one young man’s entertaining and humorous journey from Countryside innocence to Technicolor City experience.

Distracted and encouraged in equal measures by amorous middle aged cashiers, a murderous house cat, artistic crisis, domestic mysteries, a suspected alien abduction, casual alcoholism, parched personal finances, near death surfing, an adopted granddad with an endless supply of limoncello, and the nagging suspicion that he might have accidentally stumbled into a real romance, George desperately tries to navigate his bumbling way across a vast ocean of change, aboard a proud old Galleon, and alongside a motley crew of bankers.

The only problem it seemed was the horde of greedy Pirates on the horizon, and closing in fast. They were armed to the teeth with flipcharts, sales targets, action plans and word patterns, and they weren’t afraid to use them…

Where was an emergency slice of his mum’s deliciously moist fruitcake when he needed it..?

“I navigated the seas of both personal and business banking, and was nearly sunk countless times. Both were fraught with an unbelievable amount of internal politics and ridiculous sales targets (such as the inevitable PPI and hitting a daily quota of customer interviews), explains Stringer.

Continuing, “Thankfully, I eventually escaped! I’d always wanted to be a writer or a painter; I never intended to be a banker, hence my book’s title. Free at last, I felt that people would relate to my experiences. As well as making them laugh, I hope my story leaves the legions of office workers and bankers alike, trapped in the unforgiving greyness of nine to five, action plans and endless teleconferences, with a sense that if deep down inside, they know that they don’t really belong, anyone can change their stars. Naturally, this book is 100% fiction – but some of its content does sail closer to the wind than a Pirate with a broken compass at times….”

Readers have praised the book in abundance. Jim McGinley comments, “Excellent enjoyable book which follows the fortunes of George Butler from his early adolescence and takes you through his various humorous exploits which will have you laughing out loud. The author’s brilliant illustrations stand out as a work of art themselves but do take on a new meaning once you have read the chapter.”

Diane W. adds, “Really enjoyed reading this book. A book I didn’t want to put down wanting to find out the latest antics of George Butler. An amusing read. Cannot wait for the sequel!!! Hope we don’t have to wait too long.”

‘The Accidental Banker’ is available now:

About the Author: Dan is an Independent Writer and aspiring Artist. He was born in Devon in 1975 and has started lying about the latter. Having recently tunnelled under the wire and finally escaped from a career that will hardly come as a surprise to those that read his novel, his new vocation, although a very welcome change, is taking some getting used to. He doesn’t miss the teleconferences, targets or team meetings though.

With his first book, The Accidental Banker, at last available to buy, Dan is currently working on the sequel, Island Therapy, which catches up with our man eighteen years after the events in Italy…

Please buy them. He has no plan B and really doesn’t want to go back to banking.

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