One of the most exciting country pop acts to emerge in the last year is Nashville based duo Calamity Jane. Violinist Lucy Cantley and vocalist Camille Rae’s unique blend of country, folk and pop features an impressive interplay of violin with vocal, utilising strong melodic songs and direct, relatable lyrics with classic country imagery. The duo’s version of the Charlie Daniels Band track, Devil Went Down To Georgia not only became a massive radio hit receiving support from the KIX and CMC national radio networks in Australia but did extremely well in the US with CMT, The Country Network and The Heartland Network, some of the biggest country music broadcasters in the States getting on board. It also got the tick of approval from the legendary country star Charlie Daniels. The follow-up track The Chase, did equally as well and featured on the respected Spotify editorial playlist, New Music Nashville. There are many memorable moments in The Mountain, from the big chorus to the contemplative verses, not to mention the skilful performances from Lucy and Camille. There is also a characteristic that sets them apart, and this is their ability to be versatile, switching from an organic country sound to one teeming with pop hooks. The Mountain is a song about persistence in the face of adversity, and of course, about finding strength through hope, as this lyric line reveals: ‘Up on the mountain down in the valley / hard to overcome what I used to be but I keep, I keep, I keep climbin’. The new track is expertly produced, shimmering with a lush arrangement of soaring vocals, evocative violin phrases and a driving band sound. Devil Went Down To Georgia introduced this multi- faceted act to the world and The Mountain will no doubt broaden their fan base and expose the band to an even larger audience.

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