Camerata Uplifting  Emotional Journey

Colourful pools of light illuminated the stage of QPAC’s concert hall last night as the audience sat in silence, the building atmosphere was thick with suspense, waiting for the Queensland Chamber Orchestra’s Camerata to begin their much-anticipated performance. To add to this I am excited as this is my first experience in attending an orchestral performance, and what an amazing one at that!

The performance was an emotional journey, beginning with a slow mournful song and then quickly cutting over to an abrupt energetic rhythm that had you sitting on the edge of your seat. The diversity of each piece played by the orchestra kept you captivated and curious.

Guest artists Meta Weiss and Patrick Murphy didn’t disappoint with their performance of Violoncelles, Vibrez!, a beautiful piece intended for two lead cellists, and accompanying strings. The piece felt as if it emulated a dialogue between the two artists; as if they were engaged in a lover’s quarrel, full of tension, mourning, rage, and even finishing on a moment of passion. Both musicians are globally renowned and it definitely shows, both exhibiting mastery of their instruments.

Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra played an interesting Intermingling of contemporary and traditional music, demonstrating innovative use their instruments. As the group layered simple plucks, your eyes would trace across the stage, seeing where the chain would lead you as it jumped around the room.

These simple plucks layered so extensively, ultimately fashioned tantalizing melodies that wrought tension and excitement into the heart of the listeners.

The orchestra has held a tradition of harbouring a “Wild Card” guest and this performance was no exception. A highlight of the night, Brisbane based acoustic guitarist/composer, Anthony Garcia graced the stage alongside the orchestra. Garcia combines meditation with music to create his unique sound. He is popular for his musical experimentation and collaborations with artists from various fields of expertise.
His performance was so full of energy; his quick Spanish finger-picking style setting a blistering pace for the orchestra to follow.

The performance was ended with an intense crescendo, snapping one violinist’s bow strings; he persisted on and finished with a dramatic bow. To me, this represented the passion and dedication these talented individuals have towards their art form. It was a spectacular finale for a spectacular night.

Words Tahlia Taylor

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