There are a lot of movies about gambling. There is no shortage of films featuring different card games. In many cases, they are an integral part of the story-line or plot. But there are so many films that get things wrong. Why? Because they fail to portray a real impression of what a successful player is. They are mostly based on stereotypes or over-used tropes.

The recent movie, called Cashing Out, is unique for many reasons. But most importantly, it offers a highly realistic insight into what it means to be a gambler. It tells the audience what could go wrong. It shows just how important the game is to these people.

A struggling artist behind the movie
The man behind this film is actually a Portage 16 movie theater manager. He has worked there since 2007. The movies have been the main part of his life for over 10 years. The director is also a gambling enthusiast, with a love for poker and blackjack games. This is why he is the perfect person for this feature. The most impressive part about the release is that it was shot over 26 days, with the director’s friends coming out with help… They would work on the film for free, after finishing their regular jobs. Can you believe it?

Alex Srednoselac is the man behind the movie. From the start, he set himself the ambitious goal of telling an unconventional gambling story. He hoped that it would resonate with a lot of people. The powerful narrative is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. There is nothing more, nothing less we would add or change in this low-budget gambling movie.

The plotline
The story follows a young gambler, who likes to play with high stakes. But his life is turned upside down when robbers interrupt one of the games, stealing everyone’s money. Later, we learn that the main character himself was involved in the robbery. At this point, his life starts to spin out of control, as he tries to get away from his new enemies. Meanwhile, the main character tries to manage the complicated relationship with his ailing father… All while trying to pursue a romantic interest. The plot thickens.

The film won the privilege of being screened at the Portage theater. The opportunity gives young creators a chance to display their movies, in hopes of gaining wider recognition. Srednoselac will be able to play his own movie in the theater… Where he had worked at for 13 years. It will surely grab the attention of other filmmakers and production companies.

The movie would have been possible at all if Srednoselac’s co-workers had not been so supportive of his idea. As mentioned before, the movie was basically shot with no budget. But people in the movie theatre were eager to give Srednoselac a helping hand, in whatever way they could. They helped him in his transformation from a struggling artist to a real director. This is a great way for local communities to support their up and coming artists. Go out and watch their movies! There is perhaps no better way of showing your appreciation…

The recognition
Srednoselac filmed a lot during the weekends, and after his shifts, pouring his entire heart and soul into the movie. Cashing Out can become a gateway towards a wider recognition of his direction. It has already won some international praise. In 2014, Srednoselac’s short script, which would later become the rough draft for Cashing Out, earned an honorable mention award at the Los Angeles Media Arts Festival BEA. Now, his movie has been accepted to a lot of different festivals. It looks like those awards are lining up!

His short movie, Adopt, is currently on Amazon Prime. It was even voted an audience favorite at the 48 Hour Film Project in 2018. For a hard-working director like Srednoselac, these small acts of recognition mean a world of difference. Hopefully, all the hard work will pay off… And the movie will gain even more exposure in the future!

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