Casting Call for Gold Coast On April 2nd for …BRISBANE RAVISHING FASHIONISTAS FASHION SHOW 2022


Ravishing Fashionistas Brisbane Casting Call at Sandgate Town Hall led by Mrs. Universal Australia 2019, Upma Kite, had a wide selection of women turning up to be looked at by the Ravishing Fashionistas team judges panel Paul Johnston, Liz Murrihy, Caroline Russo, Folau Unga Nehna, Brittaney Johnston. The judges are now ready for Gold Coast casting call on April 2nd at Runway Bay Hall.

The day had such a wonderfully diverse variety of beautiful models ranging from 16-60 attend, with over 100 applications processed! The turn-out was amazing and it was so inspiring to see so many wonderful women Says Upma Kite, who all came out to support each other which gave out a positive vibe and everyone finished up on such a high!

The Judges were so amazing and will have such a hard time selecting successful models there were so many stunning fashionistas who impressed. So much positive feedback is coming in from the models who have said they absolutely loved the new look, felt incredibly comfortable and loved the new streamlined process.

For any Brisbane Beauties who did not get the opportunity to walk for RF on the day, you are invited to join RF for the Gold Coast Casting Call. All models who have sent in an application are welcome to join in on the coast!Enter here

For tickets and more information about the Ravishing Fashionistas Mega Fashion Show 2022 please go to tickets are selling fast!

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