Children Books To Be On The Watch Out

These two delightful titles will be out in May with New Holland.

‘DISGUSTING DISEASES A Young Person’s Guide’ by J.J. Moore & K.B. Moon

Young people have a tremendous appetite for the gruesome, scary and downright freaky. This book puts the D into Disgusting and a Capital G into Gross and Gruesome.

Disgusting Diseases explores the most disgusting diseases through the ages—from Ebola, Parasites, Worms and Bugs, Rabies, to Thyphoid and Typhus, The Black Death, Bloodsuckers and Malaria (to name a few). The book also delves into the crazy and horrible treatments and cures, which were sometimes worse than the illness itself.

What exactly did our ancestors have to put up with and how do we interact with these nasty illnesses today? It’s all here in Disgusting Diseases.

‘PETER LALOR’S FLAG The Final Book in the McGoogly Gang Series’ by Paul Stafford

Picking up from Paul Stafford’s first two novels ‘Ned Kelly’s Helmet’ and ‘Captain Flinder’s Map’—‘Peter Lalor’s Flag’ is the final instalment of this exciting history trilogy.

‘Things in Milltown are going from bad to worse. A mining company has discovered the historic village and its water supply are built on top of a massive gold deposit and they’ve won the right to drain Milltown dam, move the town to a less sparkly site, and dig a huge open-cut mine. The fortunes of the McGoogly Gang are no shinier. Dad McGoogly is still unemployed, Mum is set to lose her job when the local hospital closes, and the boys can’t seem to agree about who should be allowed to use their time travel apparatus. Nige and his new mate Charles Lee want to go back and join Charles’ ancestors who came to the bush from China during the goldrush. Andrew wants to find an object he can legitimately ‘collect’ and he thinks he’s found it at the Eureka Stockade. Andrew needs help and he’s convinced the whole village is about to be destroyed to satisfy one man’s lust for gold. If it’s true that his enemy’s enemy is Andrew’s friend, does that mean Lester Ragg holds the key to solving all their problems?’

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