“The music is a little sweet”. Here is how Chinie describes the song. Chinie is a simplistic British singer-songwriter who loves innovation and novelty.

The sounds are melodic and are a blend. Its harmonies have a simple and sweet style and nevertheless aim to inspire. It’s a song for every day and for all seasons. ”Bless My Day” is a mix that weaves enchanting sounds with a poetic text. The words are few, so most simply just enjoy the music.

Chinie like all artists loves music. Having moved around a bit at an is earlier age and enjoyed absorbing various things. That she believes may have reflected in the songs. And likes to say ‘The world today is one hub really, same goes for music’. Everywhere these days is almost literally next door and more so in time. ”Bless My Day” began as an inspiring devotional of the mind that merged, and so the song began. It portrays different things to the listener. It’s a blend that makes one think of different things to refresh and chill. A new edition.

The song is composed of clich├ęs of thoughts, of what one could wish in an ideal day and could make think of the joy of the day for a moment. Whether it’s a day or a seasonal party to capture the energy and the meaning of it. It tells a story well suited every day and is a reminder during the holiday seasons including Easters and other occasions. Just simply a gentle reflection or a reminiscence, and perhaps a little thankfulness that we often forget to do for the day or a request for a better day. Or simply to enjoy the music. With any occasion close, it is a song to remember when one’s thanked a little or would just like a better day.

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