Queensland Symphony Orchestra Clerici Conducts Mahler With Justin Williams Symphony No 1

Clerici Conducts Mahler

“Yet another fabulous production from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra with the masterful Italian conductor, Umberto Clerici. BRAVO! Clerici is thrilling to watch and has consistently brought excitement to his concerts as the Chief Conductor of QSO.

The first half of the concert featured the world premiere of Symphony No. 1 by Australia’s emerging composer, Justin Williams. Williams, who holds the position of Assistant Principal Violin with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and is the founding violinist of the Tinalley String Quartet, brought his years of brilliance to last night’s performance, during which the orchestra was magnificent.

The Mahler 6th Symphony delivered an intense and cinematic experience with a range of softer and dramatic moments, complemented by incredible changes in instruments.

Gustav Mahler, an Austrian composer born in 1860, worked with great orchestras from New York City to Vienna, Austria. He was famous for his intense interpretations of some of the great composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Wagner. Unfortunately, he was not fully appreciated during his lifetime. It was only after his death that audiences began to grasp the greatness of his music. It’s a sad but true reflection of how some of the best musicians of their time are often underappreciated.

It was yet another spectacular concert that lifted the soul.

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