Colombian/Israeli Visual Artist Orly Anan Reveals First Look of Art Film ‘EIN SOF’ – A Talent Show From A Parallel Galaxy

Mexico City-based, Colombian/Israeli visual artist Orly Anan has completed production on EIN SOF, the artist’s first short art film, which will be presented on the film festival circuit and in art installations worldwide beginning late summer.

Anan has unveiled a preview of EIN SOF, described as “a talent show from a parallel galaxy,” with the premiere of the film trailer and poster series.

Official Trailer:

EIN SOF holds the meaning of being ‘infinite’, or literally ‘without end’, and in Kabbalah is understood as God prior to any self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual realm. Starting from the Cabalistic concept, the film project is a vision of the infinite and unlimited possibilities that exist within our being to imagine altered universes and infinite characters loaded with cosmic messages.

“My investigation attempts to open up our understanding of an altered reality by mixing ancient cultures with imaginary ones,” comments Anan. “Each character brings a message. Each character has a ‘superpower.’ Each character has an exuberant talent. Therefore, EIN SOF is a channel through which unlimited possibilities are streamed.”

The idea behind EIN SOF, the infinite circus, is to recreate a classic talent show that is set in a parallel galaxy where the living beings already inhabit have migrated to a more evolved state. However, these beings from planet EIN SOF have gathered to perform and to present all their wonderful attributes. This will be only the beginning of infinites to come. Moreover, all the characters have Cabalistic letters and messages imprinted on their faces reflecting different emotions and superpowers through the constellation of letters.

Anan’s dual upbringing in Colombia and Israel instilled a deep curiosity for the inherent mysticism of everyday Asian and Latin American traditions. Now a visual artist and creative director with a studio in the heart of Mexico City, the maker of parallel universes plumbs the intersection of ritual and popular culture to dream up lush scenographies that buzz with romance, the spirituality of objects, and an interwoven consciousness. Her vision is a world unto itself.

“I love the idea that you can travel in the infinite cosmos if you are submerged in a manipulated space. I am a romantic dreamer, so I guess that to alter reality is a need for me,” adds Anan.

The film’s soundtrack is by Colombian/Canadian music artist Lido Pimienta. Dreambear’s Evan Brown is executive producer and Dreambear is the production company.

Director: Orly Anan
Executive Producer: Evan Brown
Production Company: Dreambear
Original Soundtrack: Lido Pimienta
Art Production: Orly Anan Studio
Director of Photography: Salvador Alejandro
Editing: Pietro Coppolecchia
Lighting Design: Rodrigo Chapa

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