NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY is proud to announce the launch of a new locally commissioned, six-part mini-series, No Experience Necessary, exclusive to Comedy Central Australia. The series joins the stellar lineup of locally commissioned content released by in the past 18 months. No Experience Necessary will be available to stream online from Sunday 17th September at 6pm.

Created by Ray Badran the series follows Ray and Comedian Guy Montgomery’s journey to create Ray’s visional sitcom. The series is an inside look at the struggles of creating a sitcom on a low budget, with limited resources and the process of auditioning and casting people with absolutely no prior experience.

“When Ray asked me to get involved with No Experience Necessary he sounded like the most confused and desperate man in the world. I thought he was doing a character but he wasn’t, the guy is a maniac. I’m glad I said yes though because otherwise I would still think he was doing a character. Ray’s entire life is performance art, so it makes perfect sense to get other people involved in his art and film it”. Said Co-Writer and Comedian, Guy Montgomery.

“When I asked Guy to get involved I needed to stay cool, calm, and collected. Anyways Guy absolutely loves me and would never say a bad word about me so I was sure he’d say yes”. Creator, Ray Badran said about Montgomery.

No Experience Necessary features Australian comedians Ray Badran, Henry Stone; New Zealand comedians Guy Montgomery, Rose Matafeo, Guy Williams, Angella Dravid and New Zealand rapper LarzRanda with guest appearances and cameos from international comedians and popular New Zealand personalities.

No Experience Necessary will be available to stream on from Sunday 17th September at 6pm.

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