Constellations to tour to 10 Queensland locations
Tovey and Stibbard set to shine on stage
9 March to 9 April at the Bille Brown Studio, Queensland Theatre

Roland, an easy-going chap who makes his living as a beekeeper, and Marianne, a warm, intelligent, and witty woman who works at Sussex University as a quantum physicist – the odds of them getting together are astronomical. But when their worlds do collide, they keep on colliding, as all the possibilities of their life together – good, bad and ugly – flicker across the stage in a series of intricately-structured snapshots, from first date to farewell.

Lovers often say fate brought them together, and fate doesn’t get much credit after that. But in Queensland Theatre’s Constellations, by hot young British playwright Nick Payne, every moment that Roland and Marianne share is at the mercy of the infinite and unknowable universe.
Constellations has played to packed houses and rave reviews in New York and London and opens this week at the Bille Brown Studio before touring to 10 regional centres across Queensland.

Queensland Theatre invigorates this international hit with an imaginative new production with Queensland-born, Helpmann-nominated actor Lucas Stibbard as Roland, and Logie Award-nominated Australian television star, Jessica Tovey as Marianne, directed by contemporary theatre director and performance artist and National Artistic Team member, Kat Henry.

Co-lead and award-winning actor Lucas Stibbard said Constellations was one of the most brilliant pieces of writing he had ever seen. “It is ludicrously romantic and funny and sad; and it manages to make science sexy.”

Through a partnership with World Science Festival, Queensland Theatre will also host an onstage conversation between Constellations playwright Nick Payne and World Science Festival co-founder and physicist Brian Greene. Following the performances on 24 & 25 March, these two great minds will delve into our current understanding of the multiverse, the mysteries that remain, and why this theory captivated Payne’s imagination inspiring this theatrical tour de force. Imagine that we all live in world that is part of a multiverse, in which at any given moment several different outcomes can exist simultaneously. Constellations ingeniously puts this theory on stage through the love of a quantum physicist and a beekeeper!

“There is no small amount of symbolism in naming a play about love and quantum physics after random patterns of stars. Each singular burning point is not much on its own, a dot in the black. But when seen alongside its neighbours, clustered together and joined by invisible lines, pictures emerge,” said Queensland Theatre Artistic Director Sam Strong. “Constellations are everywhere in nature: in the neural pathways of the brain; in the chain reactions that link one atom to another; and in the series of moments that make up a life – all singular parts that represent an infinite number of possibilities when joined together. The joining, however, does not happen by accident. The joining is up to us.”

“In the same collection of events there are a million stories to be told, from the boisterous to the tragic to the life affirming. Constellations has been a hit around the world because it somehow manages to tell all of these stories at once – all the possibilities of two lives shared, and the even more infinite number of tales those lives can tell.”

“We are so proud to bring Queensland audiences this wonderful international hit reimagined by a team of our most exciting next generation theatre makers.”

By Nick Payne
9 March to 9 April at the Bille Brown Studio, Queensland Theatre
Director: Kat Henry
Designer: Anthony Spinaze Lighting Designer: Ben Hughes
Composer/Sound Designer: Guy Webster
Cast: Lucas Stibbard and Jessica Tovey
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Constellations Queensland Tour Dates
20 to 21 April – Bundall: Arts Centre Gold Coast
26 April – Townsville: Riverway Arts Centre
29 April – Rockhampton: Pilbeam Theatre
3 May – Mackay: Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre
6 May – Cairns: Tanks Arts Centre
9 May – Gladstone: Gladstone Entertainment Centre
12 May – Bundaberg: Moncrieff Theatre
16 May – Ipswich: Ipswich Civic Centre
18 May – Toowoomba: Empire Theatre
23 May – Caloundra: The Events centre

“And though ‘Constellations’ is a supremely articulate play, it knows that words inevitably fail, that they are never enough to bind two people together forever. Time, it turns out, is a more effective breaker of hearts than human beings, with all their conflicted intentions, can ever be. This story of parallel universes is universal in every sense of the word” – Ben Brantley, New York Times

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