Contemporary Asian Australian Performance (CAAP) in partnership with Queensland Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company and Sydney Theatre Company is proud to announce the CAAP Directors Initiative, aimed at unearthing, nurturing and developing Asian Australian directors for the stage.

Together the four companies are committed to working to identify, develop and embed Asian Australian directors in the three largest state theatre companies in Australia.

CAAP Directors Initiative offers a tailored training program over two years for selected participants in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

The first year will include directing workshops, close up observation of mainstage productions and a range of professional development and networking opportunities. In its second year, the program will provide hands-on directorial training and engagement with the host companies.

The Initiative begins with an initial one-week workshop in each city, which will provide high-level skills training and an opportunity for each of the Company directors to identify potential candidates for the full two-year program.

QT Artistic Director Sam Strong said: ‘Queensland Theatre is thrilled to be partnering with CAAP and MTC and STC on a Director’s Initiative. We all share a commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists and to making our companies, stories and audiences representative of contemporary Australian society. I’m especially grateful to Annette Shun Wah for her leadership of the initiative and to Queensland Theatre’s Associate Artistic Director Paige Rattray, who has already collaborated with CAAP on an intensive for Asian Australian performers and who will be spearheading the Director’s Initiative at QT.’

MTC Artistic Director Brett Sheehy said, ‘MTC is delighted to be a part of the CAAP Directors Initiative along with our friends at Queensland Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company. Together we will be offering ongoing opportunities to nurture and develop the next generation of Asian Australian directors.’

STC Artistic Director Kip Williams said: ‘Sydney Theatre Company is committed to seeing more diverse stories on our stages and we are proud to be working with QT and MTC on the CAAP Directors initiative. We are delighted to build on our already strong partnership with CAAP and I’m looking forward to working with these talented emerging directors during their time here at STC.’

CAAP is a Sydney-based company dedicated to developing contemporary Asian Australian performance. Led by Executive Producer Annette Shun Wah it aims to engender greater cultural diversity in every level of the theatre sector. In partnership with Playwriting Australia, CAAP’s LOTUS Playwriting Project fulfilled its goal of developing a new generation of Asian Australian playwrights. Four LOTUS plays were produced in 2017 alone, Single Asian Female by Michelle Law, Blue Bones by Merlynn Tong, Coloured Aliens by Chi Vu and Australian Graffiti by Disapol Savetsila. The success of LOTUS has inspired the CAAP Directors Initiative, which will have a similarly profound impact on the cultural landscape.

Queensland Theatre
Applications open: 16 February 2018
Directing workshop: 12-16 March 2018
Facilitated by Associate Artistic Director Paige Rattray


Sydney Theatre Company –
Applications open: 26 March 2018
Directing workshop: 14-18 May 2018
Facilitated by Directing Associate Jessica Arthur

Melbourne Theatre Company
Applications open: 2 April 2018
Directing workshop: 14-18 May 2018
Facilitated by Associate Directors Sarah Goodes and Dean Bryant

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