Rescue Collie’s Guide to Adventure in the British Isles


Those who own dogs know that they are far more than just animals; compassionate, intricate souls with deep emotions and thoughts. Sue Morgan’s rescue Collie, Dave D, fits the description to a tee. In fact, he is such a maverick that he has now “written” a book of his own.

‘Dave D’s Diary: The Real-Life Adventures of a Loveable Collie in the British Isles’ is part uplifting story about Dave D’s rescue, and part romp across the country – all told from one Pooch’s perspective.

“I first met Dave D when he was eleven years-old, and I volunteered at his shelter,” explains Sue. “What started as a weekly walk together soon turned into a bond of kindred spirits, so I formally adopted him. Our new book tells the whole story, including Dave D’s continued fear of other dogs that he fights through every day.”

Continuing, “But there’s another side to our story; inviting readers to join us as we recount the many adventures we have taken together across the country. Told through Dave D’s own vignettes, stunning photographs and my own illustrations, readers will learn heaps about geography and culture along the way.”

The book includes information on a huge range of topics, from tide bells and the operation of lifeboats to the little-known use of seaweed extracts, how the rocket post was fired and how a mail boat was once created from a sheep’s stomach! Each fact is uncovered as Sue and Dave D go about the adventures, in a format that will resonate with readers of all ages.

“Ultimately, Dave D’s story is one of overcoming fears, embracing opportunity and jumping at any chance to go on a new adventure. My life has been enriched by his presence and, to that end, I have decided to donate a portion of each sale to the Border Collie Trust G.B. rescue centre in Staffordshire – the very place our journey together began,” Sue adds.

‘Dave D’s Diary: The Real-Life Adventures of a Loveable Collie in the British Isles’ is due for release in late October. Copies can be pre-ordered directly from the book’s official website: www.davedogsdiary.com

About the author, in her own words:

I am currently a specialist English teacher and co-ordinate a Literacy Programme in a secondary school in Staffordshire. I specialise in the support of children and adults with difficulties in literacy including dyslexia. I taught primary age students for ten years prior to this, both in Manchester and Reading. I gave Dave D a home three years ago, but would like him to tell his own tale. This book is written from Dave’s perspective.

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