Local Author Busts Myths & Guides Single Women to Meet & Choose Their Ideal Partner in New Book

Sunshine Coast confidence and success coach Demi Paterson is on a mission to bust the biggest myths about newly
and long-term single women and dating, while guiding them with tough love, years of learned experiences and
practical tools in her newly launched book for women The One – How to Meet and Choose Their Ideal Partner.

Today we spoke with Demi who just exmuses energy as she speaks on the subject of being single and exhanged a lot of interesting tips on what we need to be alert on when we choose a partner.

Being a first-time author and experienced businesswoman Demi says there were long-standing, unfair stigmas and
misconceptions attached to single women seeking a partner; primarily that they are desperate, needy and clingy and
that when newly single, they will go after their friends’ husbands and partners.

Ms Paterson asserts that both scenarios are rarely true and often leave single women feeling excluded, lonely and
isolated. Many of her clients are independent and successful in their own right, but find it hard to meet someone
who complements them perfectly; or they don’t have the time or energy to date and are busy with their careers,
families and friends – all factors that can make it difficult for women to find romantic partners.

She also offers tough love in her advice that television fiction has set up unrealistic expectations for women –
especially from programs such as ‘Sex in the City’ that romanticised unhealthy relationships as ideal. “That is
entertainment, and not what deep connections are about. I encourage women to make exceptions for men who are
exceptional, but identifying that for you and your personality takes work and practice – hence the book.”

The One arrives to guide single women just as the divorce rate in Australia continues to climb post-pandemic. Thanks
to the impact of extended lockdowns and other COVID-related stresses, nearly 200,000 people filed for divorce over
the last two years according to figures released from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia recently
(47,016 divorce applications per couple 2021-22 financial year and 49,625 per couple 2020-21 financial year).
After guiding thousands of intelligent, accomplished female clients (ranging from doctors and scientists to stay at
home mums) to find confidence, happiness and love as a women’s success coach, Ms Paterson said one hard truth
for women to find love was accepting that they were not perfect – and to not expect perfection in their right person.
“It’s easy to blame the other person when a relationship ends and not reflect on what your contribution to the
relationship ending was. I have been in several long-term relationships and I combine my experiences and years of
professional expertise in this book to guide women through the work that is needed to get them ready to meet ‘the
one’. I know because I did it before I met my husband eight years ago.

“In this book I have included all the things that were missing in the books I read each time I was single, including verypractical insights into what you can do differently in your relationships and life; tasks you can do straight away to help you understand your value; where you can meet your ideal partner; and even questions and sentences you can use to meet people and when you are on dates.”

Ms Paterson said she wants to help single women reframe their search for love by making sure they understand
their value and what they bring to a relationship. Getting them to identify and verbalise what qualities they and a
potential partner need to bring together for them to be happy is key.

”Whether you are a single lady who can’t seem to meet the right partner; in a relationship but you feel you are not
moving forward with your partner; or you are in an unhappy or ‘better than nothing’ relationship, this book will help
you realise that the other person may not have it in them to give you the love you need, while giving you the tools to make immediate improvements to help you find and choose your ideal partner.”

Written for women who are seeking a relationship with a man, as Ms Paterson believes in knowing and
understanding her market based on her lived experience, she has received feedback from gay friends and clients in
same-sex relationships that the advice also applies to them.

The One answers every question women have about how and where to meet the partner that is right for them and
their personality.

It costs $24.95 and is available to purchase at

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