Echoing the encounter between Diane Kruger and the Manufacture in 2009, the film aptly entitled Reinvent Yourself pays tribute to the unique personality of the actress.
Ballerina, fashion model, actress… Child, girl, woman… Diane Kruger has consistently led each moment of her life with confidence and determination, continually reinventing herself while preserving the full force of emotions, of graceful charm and of elegance.

She has succeeded in remaining true to herself while tirelessly seeking renewal.

On the occasion, Jaeger-LeCoultre unveils its new collection of High Jewellery timepieces
paying tribute to the 180 years anniversary that the “Grande Maison” celebrates in 2013.

The entirely gemset Reverso Cordonnet Duetto, on Diane Kruger, encircles the wrist with its perfectly flowing cordlet-style bracelet.

Sublimated by the Rare Crafts cultivated by the Grande Maison, the new High Jewellery creation exalts the Duetto concept in a ‘diadem’ sparkling with over 1,250 diamonds.

Therein lays all the beauty of a supreme horological expression, magnified by the jeweller’s art.

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